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June 15, 2018

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   The long-awaited OIG report on the FBI's handling of the Clinton email case has finally arrived and from the little I've seen so far, it's more of a dud than the bombshell we'd anticipated. While it revealed new damning texts from Strzok vowing "We'll stop" Donald Trump from becoming President, and found that Comey's actions were "extraordinary and insubordinate," it stopped short of criminal referrals. Of course the report is 560 pages and it just dropped, so I'm sure many more damning revelations will be forthcoming. The one thing it proves for sure though, is that the fetid swamp that is DC will not drain easily.
       President Trump brought America First to the G7 this week, letting them know in no uncertain terms that he came to Quebec to represent the USA, not to suck up to nations that are destroying themselves while expecting us to bankroll their failure. The other G7 leaders talked pretty tough before the summit, but not while the boss was in town. The US economy is bigger than the other six nations combined and we pay the lion's share of their defense, yet they tried to bully Trump as if he were a boy or Barack Obama, and he wasn't having it. He knew he was holding all the cards, so after calling for the elimination of all tariffs, Trump threatened to level the playing field with a few tariffs of his own if they don't play ball. He then flew off to Singapore, refusing to sign their silly communique about carbon dioxide and gender equality. Justin Trudeau was so aghast that, (once Trump was safely aboard AF1), he bravely held a press conference to stab Trump in the back. During this "bold show of force", it sure looked like The Donald must have whacked Canada's brow-minister so hard that his fake eyebrows fell off. Moral of the story: If want to play tough guy against Trump's America, try not to become unglued while you're lying your ass off about tariffs and insisting you won't be pushed around.
   Time will tell whether the summit between the Trumpster & Lil Fat Kim was as brilliant as Bill Whittle & company argue, or was a made for TV historic snookering by the Butcher of Pyongyang. The US is certainly walking a fine line between "legitimizing" the brutal murderous dictator and effective foreign policy that might prompt Kim to give up his nuclear weapons. As always, the Enemedia criticized every aspect of the meeting, but the more they complain, the more I'm inclined to think it was a success. That's actually one of the most beneficial things about their rabid bias against Trump. It can be boiled down to a scientific formula: the louder they howl, the better Trump is doing. It's how I know the G7 was a win. And we all know that if Obama had done it they'd be calling the stone masons to chisel his face onto Mt. Rushmore.
   Probably the two most prominent Conservative intellects of our age are the Hammer & Sowell (h/t JD). This week Charles Krauthammer announced in a sad, yet amazingly classy letter, that he has just weeks to live. He ended his poignant farewell by writing, "I leave this life with no regrets. It was a wonderful life full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended." Krauthammer will leave this world with the grace and dignity few of us could show, even on our best day. It's a shame that many on the other team don't have a best day in them, or even a decent one.
   Ultra-liberal actor Robert DeNiro, (Raging Bull III: Drifting Further Away to Irrelevance - coming soon to a theater near you), whose TDS has reached late-stage syphilitic levels, used the Sunday's Tony Awards to boldly exclaim, "F*** Trump." While his fellow celebuTards cheered his latest unhinged, profanity-laden diatribe, I'm starting to wonder if the octogenarian actor isn't merely suffering from dementia, but may actually be secretly working for the GOP. DeNiro's pathetic outburst will be a powerful election campaign ad. Bellowing "F*ck Trump" is the perfect sound bite to remind normal Americans how much the Left hates us. How better to motivate apathetic Republican voters? And they say people in Hollywood aren't generous with their time. Here's hoping Bill, Hill, Nancy, Maxine, Bee, Griffin & DeNiro never shut up.
   The final tally for this year's Ramadan Bombathon is in and it was another bang-up season for the The Religion of Pieces. Although the "big one" was thwarted this year, the ROP still crushed the competition with 182 terror attacks during its holiest month. At least 854 people were killed and 1005 injured. Most impressive is that the carnage was spread over 25 countries. Other religions barely made a showing, combining for just 1 religiously-motivated attack and 1 death. Despite the hype, not a single life was lost to "Islamophobia."
   Thank G-d we don't live in the UK. Last weekend, thousands of demonstrators marched in Britain to show support for imprisoned anti-Jihad activist Tommy Robinson. The ruling elite responded by moving Robinson to a maximum security prison with a 71% Muslim population - which is a certain death sentence. Let this be a dire warning against the burgeoning assaults on our 1st and 2nd amendments. An unarmed populace is powerless to resist a tyrannical government hell bent on silencing any opposition to their destructive policies.
   Let's end this week with a few videos. In the first, a former progressive encourages his fellow Millennials to join him and #WalkAway from liberalism and the Democratic Party. And here's the solution to one of our most vexing problems: what can you do when you crave Chic-Fil-A on Sunday? In this one a San Diego Padre fan displays the definitive technique for catching a foul ball. Finally, check out the latest efforts by Carpe Donktum, providing his own spin on that HIGH-larious clip of Ben Rhodes on election night.

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