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June 22, 2018

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   Ever notice that when things are going badly for the Left something always pops up that outrages them? Well, things have been really bad for the Proggies, lately. The economy is booming, wages are rising, unemployment is at record lows, we're looking at a North Korea sitting at a peace table, and Trump's popularity is soaring. More and more damning facts have emerged from the IG report on the Clinton "matter," including catching their beloved Barack in yet another bold-faced lie. DemocRATS and their elbow-rubbing besties in the PravdaMedia have watched the supposed midterm Blue Wave of victory shrink to a ripple. So what's a crazed DMC (Dem Media Complex) to do? Set off a WMD, (Weapon of Mass Distraction), of course! So the memo came down from the DNC: TRUMP HATES MIGRANT BABIES. RUN WITH IT!! And run they did!
   The LibMedia cranked up their outrage machine up to a billion. Trump's abducting immigrant children! Kids put in cages, ripped from the arms of their breastfeeding moms! It's the worst thing in the history of ever. This is worse than the holocaust! Except it's all a lie. Putting a child in temporary housing or foster care when their parent engages in illegal activity is standard practice - even for U.S. citizens. It was their parents who put these kids in that position by illegally dragging them across our border. And President Trump's despicable, "brand new policy" has been law since champion-of-the-children Bill "Pedophile Island" Clinton was president. Their God-king Obama made major use of it without a peep from the Enemedia. Oh, and that kid they showed in a cage was put there by a bunch of loudmouthed anti-border protesters. But never let facts get in the way of fear mongering and hysteria. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! But it's not about the children. It's never been about children. It's about open borders. It's about Power. These illegal aliens who are detained for violating our laws and their children matter not one bit to the Left. They are nothing but a tool - a carefully crafted talking point to sway public opinion so that the Left can regain Power. They lost it in 2016 and they'll say or do anything to get it back.
   It appeared for a while like their latest manufactured "crisis" was turning into "Trump's Katrina Moment." Polls were moving. RINOS were running for the exits. Trump appeared to be buckling to Schmuckie Schumer's demand to bypass Congress, issuing an executive order to end border separations. It was a huge mistake. Trump was channeling Obama and unilaterally changing a 24 year old law and validating their bogus premise that it was his fault in the first place! Then I read the EO, and you should, too. It actually enshrines Trump's zero tolerance adherence to the law. Far from letting these aliens go, he wants to send them to migrant detention facilities as a family, whenever possible. Now the Lefties are howling mad. By calling their bluff, Trump made it wonderfully obvious what they were really after all along. They never cared about separating kids from their parents - because now the kids aren't separated and the Dems are still screaming bloody murder. They're demanding they be set loose into America. And since "family separation" has turned into "we can't have children in detention facilities with their parents," the choice before us is between open borders and building the wall! I should have remembered Trump's 5 Rules for Ruling the World.
   Peter Fonda apologized after Melania Trump called the Secret Service on him for making vile threats against her and her son Barron. I'm sure glad the washed up, has been, never really was, doped up, alcoholic whose only claim to fame was having Henry Fonda as a father, came to his senses. He almost destroyed his career before it began. Henry, and his wife, raised a couple real winners.
   Last night we got the sad news that the brilliant and courageous Conservative icon Charles Krauthammer has died of cancer. While I didn't always agree with everything he said, his intellectual honesty and integrity were ever present. He radiated a strength and positivity about life, despite facing and overcoming enormous personal obstacles, which was nothing less than inspirational. He will be missed.
   In happier news, the partisan FBIased hack, Peter Strozk, who texted about stopping Trump, was escorted out of the bureau's headquarters Friday, one day after an explosive report by the DOJ inspector said his behavior had "hurt the law agency's reputation for fairness." Bye, Felicia.
   This week, vowing to reclaim U.S. leadership in space, Trump directed the Pentagon and the DOD to oversee the creation of a 6th branch of the military: The Space Force. "When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space," he declared. MAGA indeed.
  Denouncing the UN Human Rights Council as a "hypocritical body unworthy of its name," ambassador Nikki Haley announced Tuesday that the US was withdrawing from the UNHRC. She described it as a "cesspool of political bias" that is blatantly anti-Israel and ignores grievous human rights abuses by its own members, among them Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Afghanistan, China, North Korea & Pakistan. In other words, like much of the UN the HRC is a sick joke, just like someone else we know with those initials!

   Finally, did you see where ABC news falsely accused Paul Manafort of killing 5 people? And these idiots constantly cry about the accusation of Fake News. Good gravy. If you don't want to be called Fake News, stop reporting FAKE NEWS. Honestly, is that so difficult to comprehend? ABC should be charged with multiple counts of Manafort-slaughter.

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