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July 06, 2018

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  Spending the week away with my family celebrating both America's and my birthday, hence this abbreviated rant. It's kinda hard to focus on the nonstop Lib/Media insanity with all this good stuff going on. I'm sure that by next week, with the Sh!tstorm the Progtards will launch against whomever Trump nominates for the SCOTUS Monday, there'll be enough lunacy going on to make up for it.
   Show of hands: How many of you are shocked at the recent Gallup poll, (snarkily promoted by CrapNN on Independence Day), showing that only 32% of DemocRATS are proud to be American? Anyone? Bueller? Of course Leftists aren't proud of our country. We've been blessed to live in the greatest country in the history of the Earth. A nation founded on the ideal of limited government and individual sovereignty, where our unalienable rights are sacrosanct and our government's power is contingent upon our consent. That is precisely what makes America exceptional and why these bastards hate it. They don't want consent; they want power. They have nothing but contempt for the American people - especially those of us who are patriotic and believe in American exceptionalism. But the truth is that they've always felt that way. The only thing that has changed is they are no longer hiding it.
   Who says there are no sure things in life? Forget death and taxes, nothing is as predictable as the already begun hysterical attacks against Trump's SCOTUS nominee. That he/she won't even be named until Monday is irrelevant. They'll freak out and oppose him/her, regardless. We've been down this road before and hopefully we'll be down it again (c'mon Darth Vader Ginsburg, retirement is calling). The DemMedia Complex always whines and cries about how this or that GOP nominee is "extreme" and therefore must not be confirmed. Whoever it will be is out of the mainstream of American society. He/she is clearly a racist/sexist/some kind of phobe. If the Republican caucus holds and the nominee is confirmed, there will be riots in the streets and even more enraged protests. All this is by design. The angry mob is the Democrat election plan. Keep people inflamed and afraid to prevent them from thinking, and try to scare the hell out of the rest of us.
   Despite recent polls showing overwhelming support for stricter immigration enforcement, led by the Dimwitted Democratic Dames of the Senate, the latest Leftist cause du jour is apparently to abolish ICE. That's right. They want us to stop fighting terror, allow a free flow of drugs and weapons into the country, and allow women and children to be used as sex slaves, in return for which our nation's borders will essentially cease to exist. And they want this for one very simple reason: they're idiots! If anyone should be scared right now, it should be the Dems. They are actively promoting positions that even a majority of their own party don't support. But the 'Rats believe that walking this destructive path will bring them their desired Blue Wave victory in November. More likely is they're about to get plowed under by a Red Wave fueled in part by
Democrats who are choosing to #WalkAway.

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