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July 13, 2018

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   Monday night President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the SCOTUS and crazed Leftists wasted no time virulently opposing him because, apparently, this impeccably credentialed originalist judge who mentored underprivileged children, serves meals to the homeless and coached his daughters' CYO basketball teams, is rabidly opposed to civil rights, human rights, women's rights, LGBT rights and women's sacred right to puree the unborn! As proven by the press release opposing XX from the shrill harpies of the Womens March, these idiots were going to stage the exact same protest, with the exact same talking points regardless of who Trump chose. He could've nominated a gender-fluid, non-binary black woman, sometimes man, who identified on Saturdays as Ricky Ricardo, but if he believes in following the Constitution, millions of people are gonna die! Of course, we've already been killed by the Tax Reform and global warming and Net Neutrality and because Trump was mean to Justin Trudeau, etc., etc., but those who managed to survive all that are doomed! Doomed I tell you!!!
   Personally, I feel Kavanaugh is WAY to tight with the Bushie-establishment types for my taste, but from what I've seen of his writings, he appears to be a strict textualist, which is crucial. While we may disagree with a judge's interpretation, his rulings must be based on his view of the Constitution, as written, not upon personal feelings or preferences. And Kavanaugh is a brilliant pick from a political perspective, especially if they can hold the vote before the midterms. Not only does it appease the GOP squish sisters Collins & Murkowski, but it puts Heidkamp, Manchin, Tester, and the other red state Senate Dems in an untenable position. They'll either vote to confirm him & piss of their base & the national party or vote against and irreparably cast off their "moderate" facade. Either way, it's less likely they win & thus the GOP will gain a few extra Senators, making it easier to get a more conservative judge in when Darth Vader Ginsburg finally croaks.

   In the meantime, the relentless weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Left has been all kinds of hillarious. Even chinless Mitch McConnell found it "hard to keep a straight face" while mocking the Dems for their ridiculous, over-the-top rhetoric. And our genius governor Cuomo here in NY vowed to sue if the SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade! Sue who, you doofus? What part of "Supreme" Court don't you understand? Who knew brother Chris was the smart one in the family? Then there's the "devastating", disqualifying scandals dredged up by the PravdaMedia that 21 years ago at a party, Kavanaugh allegedly mouthed the word b!tch when Shrillary came on the TV, and OMG!, he once had credit card debt, (and this is truly egregious), he had the audacity to pay it off. In my book, these are resume enhancers - calling Hitlery a b!tch shows sound judgement, indeed!
   Let's just hope the loony Left can keep up their frenzy of foam-sputtering insanity. November is coming, and the more they run about shrieking that the sky is falling, the harder they will fall at election time when it doesn't. Let them sound the alarm about how Justice Kavanaugh may make it harder to disarm normal Americans and to hassle them about their religion. Let them shriek that he might make it so some states can increase their restrictions against killing 3rd trimester babies. Normals tend not to vote for crazy. Besides, the screaming, the rioting, the violent protests in the streets have been virtually non-stop for twenty months. Democrats behaving like lunatics howling helplessly at the sky while predicting Armageddon has become the norm. When every single action taken by this President is met with the same shrill, incomprehensible hysteria, eventually that perpetual rage is reduced to white noise. We're not listening anymore. Okay, that's not exactly accurate. We're listening and laughing our a$$es off.
   We interrupt the SCOTUS meltdown to meltdown over NATO. Sorry folks. We know nominating Kavanaugh will kill us all, but that's just going to have to be put on hold for right now because we're literally shaking over how Trump talked to NATO! How dare he!!! How dare the President of the country providing the lion's share of defense to the NATO countries talk to them like that!!!! If we don't bend over and give NATO everything they want while Merkel gets in bed with Russia for natural gas and oil, we're all going to die!!!!!! Again! And how dare he lie and say Germany gets sixty to seventy percent of their energy from Russia!!! It isn't sixty to seventy percent! It's fifty to seventy-five percent!!! We're sorry NATO countries. We're sorry that this despot who is a puppet of Vladimir Putin is attacking Angela Merkel for cozying up to Putin...Trump is a madman!!! And he's a dictator!!!! And he puts babies in cages!!! Not that we care about the babies Obama .... um ... we mean Trump put in cages anymore because we're too busy having a meltdown over Kavanaugh ... which of course now we have to put aside so we can meltdown over how Trump treats NATO!!!!! And the Resistance(LOL) wonders why we don't take them seriously anymore.
   After telling Congress what they could do with their subpoena on Wednesday, apparently the FBI's buck-toothed bimbo Lisa Page is now going to testify in a closed door hearing today. If that goes anything like yesterday's freak show with her lying, sleazy adulterous boyfriend, Strzok, it'll be another colossal waste of time. If anything has become crystal clear, it's that there are two systems of justice in this country - one for the swamp and one for the rest of us - and just like Felonia Von Pantsuit, these treasonous bastards are going to skate. Also, Peter Strozk is a douche. At least yesterday's public hearing was entertaining. Get your popcorn ready to watch Trey Gowdy eviscerate the highly-ranked rogue FBI agent (and wife-cheating sexual hound dog). But the best part, that caused Strzok's Democratic cheerleaders and human shields to lose what little was left of their feeble minds was when Louie Gohmert "went there" saying, "I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife's eye and lie to her about Lisa." And to think, some people believe politics is boring.
   According to the classic quote, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well, get ready for What Happened II: The Curse of the Witch, coming in 2021, as lots of talk emerged this week that She-who-would-be-king is prepping to take on Donald Trump a second time in 2020. One can only hope that these rumors turn out to be true and the least liked woman in America goes for it. C'mon Hillary. The third time is a charm. And stay away from staircases. If you needed any further proof that there is a God, this would be it.
  Finally, it has been 612 days since November 8, 2016. That means we now know it's possible for the liberal human body to throw an 881,280 minute tantrum, with no signs of ending. I'm submitting this to the Guinness World Record people. Here's a Leftist Fitness video to help the Progtards fortify themselves for the long, crazy drive to November.

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