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July 20, 2018

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   Another week, (at least) 3 more reasons why the world is gonna end and, (say it with me), WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! The loony-Left's latest lamentations over Armageddon involve He-Who-Must-Be-Impeached's continued European trip. Last week the entire foreign policy establishment lost their collective minds because (Russian Stooge) Trump said he expects the Europeans to cover their fair share of the NATO nut. But that was just a warm up.
   This week it was on to London where Englishmen and other effeminate sexual deviants took to the streets to protest Donald Trump because...something, something, something. These sad and irrelevant people staged such dramatic displays as as throwing ineffectual girlie punches at a half naked Donald Trump punching bag, and then swaggering away as if they had accomplished something. They also displayed what the media called a Baby Trump Blimp, but which turned out to be a just smallish balloon, though the protesters needed a permit for it anyway, because they live in a country where you need a permit to carry a balloon. But the real gnashing of teeth began when Trump had the temerity to tell a British tabloid that PM Theresa May completely ignored his advice on Brexit and then supposedly broke protocol by not bowing to and actually (heaven forfend) shook the Queen's hand! The Horror! Here I thought we Americans stopped bowing down to British royalty back in 1776. Meanwhile, across the channel on the continent formerly known as Europe, France won the World Cup by defeating Croatia, which is like a country or something. In response to their victory, the French promptly rioted, to protest the fact that they just wasted weeks of their lives, watching soccer.
   Then it was on to Helsinki, which turned out not to be Trump's finest moment. Going in, the very idea of The Donald having a summit with Vladimir Putin had thrown the Left into towering paroxysms of rage, terror, and confusion unseen since...well...the day before. But in the press conference that followed, Trump made a YUGE blunder by appearing to side with Putin over American "Intelligence" services, giving the haters the ammunition they were looking for and causing the Enemedia, the Democrats, (but I repeat myself), and the squishy Republican lickspittles to gasp and well-I-never themselves into a tizzy.
   Those of us who reluctantly climbed aboard the Trump train once he became the only way to stop Shrillary knew there'd be days when his giant ego and even bigger mouth would get the best of him. While his tremendous accomplishments to date have vastly outweighed his sometimes ridiculous bombast, there's no denying his Helsinki howler, was one of those days. Though no one could blame Trump for reacting to the PravdaMedia's gotcha questions by doubting the same corrupt apparatus that has illegally conspired to take him down for years, doing so in that setting was a stupid, unforced error, and he eventually issued a rare Trum-Pology, ridiculously claiming he misspoke using the word "would" instead of "wouldn't." It was a rookie mistake.
  Predictably, the ProgMedia and their swamp allies, (who have a long history of siding with the Commies over America), erupted in unhinged, over-the-top, hysterics. Trump committed TREASON!!! Treason I tell you! The Ruskies are meddling in our affairs (as they have for 100 years) and Trump didn't start WWIII. Instead, Trump had the gall to suggest that we try looking at actual physical evidence, like the allegedly-hacked DNC computer server which neither the FBI nor any other law enforcement agency has ever seen. How dare he! Subsequent stories declared Trump to be a traitor and tool of Putin, and his press conference appearance was likened to Kristallnacht, the Cuban Missile Crisis, 9/11, and the attack on Pearl Harbor. One congressman even tweeted that it was time for the US military to step up to the plate, presumably to stage a coups d'etat to preserve democracy. Because nothing says "freedom" to Leftists quite like martial law and government at gunpoint.

   Lost in this insane cacophony was Putin's bombshell accusation that a US Intelligence operative had helped move $400,000,000 to Hillary's campaign! And that despite Trump's poorly-chosen words, few administrations - certainly not St. Obama the Infallible's - have been harsher or more critical of Russia, than this his. The Left's claim that the DNC hacks were a Russian plot to elect Trump are ludicrous! More likely, they were an attempt to undermine Hillary, help Bernie, and (successfully) push the Dems even further to the Left. And if anyone is colluding with Russia, it's the fake news media. For over a year and a half, they've sowed discord, division, suspicion and distrust. They've promoted and celebrated groups that are fomenting violence in the streets. They've leveled insane and unprovable accusations against this President and his cabinet. Now we've got chaos in the streets, Americans attacking Americans, slanderous lies and smears against political opponents & a witch hunt to try and force a duly-elected President from office. Putin should be sending the news media and the Democrats a thank-you cookie bouquet for all their hard work on his behalf.
   Moving on. Not that I expect anything to actually come of it, but reports are that behind closed doors, Lisa Page has contradicted some of last week's testimony from her former boy toy, fellow partisan FBI hack, Peter Strzok. Here are a couple more choice nuggets from the Strzok Circus: Try not to become preoccupied with the fact that John Ratcliffe is nearly a dead ringer for Steve Carell and enjoy as he absolutely pulverizes the career parasite without giving him a second to grandstand. And check out the guy in the back row while Louie Gohmert was lambasting the smirking, lying adulterer. It was priceless.
   Does the Hildabeast have even an ounce of self-awareness? Yesterday, the same woman who that said that "the default position when a woman accuses a man of sexual assault is that we should believe her," yet unleashed a hit squad against her husband's "bimbo eruptions," spewed another beauty. In response to the Trump administration not immediately rejecting Vladimir Putin's request to question Russian Ambassador McFaul about the aforementioned shennanigans with the Clintons, the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua attacked, tweeting, "To see the White House even hesitate to defend a diplomat is deeply troubling." Ambassador Chris Stevens was unavailable for comment.
   Finally, yesterday the crack team of propagandists at the DNC unveiled their latest brilliant slogan for the mid-terms - "For the People". Or, in the original Spanish: Para las Personas! I guess "Impeach!" didn't poll-test well. Yeah, that's what was missing. They just needed a slogan. Heaven forbid they actually present an agenda or a platform. Then again, their agenda is "Open Borders, Abolish ICE, Raise Taxes, and Impeach! So instead they give us a generic, Cuban-style "For the People." Just not the American people. Democrats spent the last eighteen months screaming helplessly at the sky on behalf of so-called "refugees" and illegal aliens. They were willing to shut down our government on their behalf. The 'Rats don't care about the American people whose neighborhoods have been overrun with illegal drug cartels and violent gangs like MS-13. They don't care about the American people whose jobs and wages are at risk thanks to an influx of illegal workers. Democrats don't care about us. For the people? Nobody in his right mind believes for one second that they mean the American people. As you might imagine, the Interwebs erupted with plenty of suggestions for a more accurate slogan. Some of the better ones I've seen so far, are: Vote Democrat...Because F**k You! or We've Got Your Back! - Now Bend Over, or The Democrat Party: No Borders, No Guns, No Capitalism and No Brains. But I think they should just keep it simple for simple people: Vote Democrat; Free Sh!t!

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