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August 03, 2018

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  Good news. UK activist Tommy Robinson who was arrested last May for reporting outside Muslim rape gang trials, has been released. A panel of judges ruled a recent trial against him was "rushed," without giving Robinson a chance to defend himself. Tommy was railroaded for reporting news, (which officials desperately wanted hushed up), without permission. Happily, now he's free and grateful to be with his family, and unlike him, we live a country where we still have a 1st Amendment protecting our unalienable right to free speech.
   Many of you care very deeply about the just begun Paul Manafort trial, and neither do I. Manafort was caught in the net of Robert Mueller who was appointed special council to investigate collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. The charges against Manafort have nothing to do with Russia or Donald Trump, but they do give "journalists" the chance to say the words Russia and Donald Trump over and over, in the hopes that someone will think there's a connection between the two. Manafort is charged with violation of tax and banking laws and faces a maximum sentence of 305 years in prison. Which means he could be released in the year 2323, just in time to see the Mueller investigation come to a close without proving any collusion between the Russians & Donald Trump.

    President Trump raised a lot of eyebrows (and Lib blood pressure) this week, tweeting about the Mueller probe that Atty. General Sessions "should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now." Predictably, the LibMedia screamed obstruction & dimwitted celebutards threatened to "take to the streets" if Mueller is fired. Now I don't usually subscribe to the idea that Trump is playing 3-D chess with his tweet storms, but this one could be an exception. Last week the NY Slimes reported Mueller was eyeballing Trump's tweets for a possible obstruction charge. Trump's lawyers argue his tweets are just a politician defending himself in public. These tweets about Sessions shutting down Mueller take it to the extreme. So is this obstruction or just ranting online? If Trump can tweet this and it has no impact at all, then clearly he's not obstructing anything via Twitter, he's just ranting. This may be one case where his "hot" tweets were actually very carefully thought out.
   For almost 2 years Conservatives have used the term "Trump Derangement Syndrome" to mock the ultra-butthurt leftists who can't cope with the thought of the Orange One in the Oval Office. Up until now, you've probably thought TDS was only a joke, but not any more. Now it's a real thing. While we laugh about liberal tears, according to counselors, many Hillary supporters are still not adjusting to reality. They are reporting Trump-induced anxiety and sometimes troubled sleep, and therapists have named the condition "Trump Anxiety Disorder." That's right, the made-up ailment of memes and internet trollery has crossed over into reality, further proving that Liberalism is a mental disease. I can imagine the therapy sessions now. "Repeat after me, my precious snowflake. "Trump is my president. Trump is my president."
   Speaking of TDS-addled Libs, Auntie Maxine sure is on a roll. Earlier this month, she encouraged radical leftists to harass Trump supporters at gas stations and department stores. Well, move over Jake and Elwood, because in a bizarre speech this week Waters (RTRD-CA) claimed she's on a mission from God to Impeach 45. Now I don't pretend to have any great theological expertise, but considering the 4.1% GDP growth spike and the winning numbers on wages and consumer confidence, it reallly doesn't look like the big guy is out to get Trump. And even if He were, I don't think His known propensity for using "mysterious ways" would explain the overstuffed clown car of goofballs who have been trying (and failing) to drive the President from office. Perhaps MadMax needs to look a bit deeper into her own soul when it comes to getting guidance from God. Because on the seventh day, even He knew when it was time to give it a rest.

   SCOTUS Justice Darth Vader Ginsburg thrilled Leftists this week with the announcement that, despite being older than actual dirt, she intends to remain a withered and frequently dozing member of the Court for another five years. This presumes, of course, that the Kickstarter campaign she has created to pay for "a recirculating pump and a metric buttload of formaldehyde" will be successfully funded. Hilariously, desperate Liberal weenies are actually offering to donate their organs to Ginsburg to keep yet another conservative off the Supreme Court. Here's hoping she doesn't need a new brain because among the Resistance(LOL), them's in short supply.
   It was another banner week for the LibMedia. A week ago they were setting their hair on fire because ClownNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was barred from a single WH event for being incredibly rude. It was a travesty - a violation of Freedom of the Press!!! But they're over that now. This week the elitist snobs from the WH Press Corps are rending their garments because President Trump let a reporter from (OMG) - the Daily Caller - ask a question during a press conference. Ready for the kicker. Guess where Collins worked before going to CommieNN? You guessed it...The Daily Caller! These people are so stupid just talking about them reduces my IQ.
   And it has not been a good week for Jim (look at me) Acaustic. First he's herded out of the Oval Office before stinky old President Trump can even answer his question about the Cohen tape! I mean, come on! Just because he was rudely shouting questions after they told him the press time was over doesn't mean HE should go. Don't they know that the world revolves around Jim Acosta? And if that wasn't bad enough, Trump supporters shouted "CNN sucks" during his television spot at a rally in Tampa, Tuesday. They shouted at Jim Acosta!!!! And they were super rude! Which, is ironic when you think about it. Who knew Jim wouldn't like that? And now poor Jim "doesn't feel like he's in America anymore." Are you freaking kidding me? Grow up. Trump supporters don't like you and Hillary supporters hate Fox News. Welcome to the party, pal. Conservatives throwing it right back at the liberal news media is as American as apple pie. Deal with it, ConstipatedNN. You're going to be a punching bag for the foreseeable future. We're not taking it anymore. And yes, you do indeed suck!
   Finally, did you see Trump's hilarious schtick about not "acting Presidential" at the aforementioned Tampa rally? Only Trump could pull that off.

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