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August 10, 2018

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  Monday, August 6, 2018 - a date that will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by big tech monopolies of the Empire of Silicon Valley. The Purge has begun, my friends. In an all-out coordinated attack on free speech, Leftist tech giants, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. stepped up their campaign to silence political opposition by deplatforming Alex Jones and Infowars. To be clear, I have never been a fan of Jones. With some exceptions, I find his rants and conspiracy theories offputting and ridiculous. But his unperson-ing by the agenda-driven social media giants sends chills down my spine, as it should yours. The Left knows it was the alternative media that allowed the Tea Party to take back the narrative and score political victories culminating in the election of Donald Trump, and they're determined to stop it. Liberals can't handle that contrary opinions exist, they want them silenced; destroyed. In totalitarian regimes, the government shuts down dissenting speech, but here in America, Silicon Valley fulfills that role. These Masters of the Universe have unleashed a digital Kristallnacht meant to erase, demonetize and intimidate non-Liberals. They have been cataloging everyone's information for a time to strike and they think now is the time. But these evil nerds must be stopped. It's time to take their lunch money. We have to Trustbust these bastards. Jones is just the beginning. You could be next. First they came for Infowars...
   It looks like the Obama, Jarrett and Perez (DNC) mid term strategy is starting to materialize in front of our eyes. Full on civil disobedience, incitement, violence and rampant suppression of opposition voices. In Portland, Saturday a Pantifa brigade descended on a Patriot Prayer rally attacking them and police. Of course the Pravda Media blamed it on the right for having the audacity to peacefully assemble and not stand there and take it when helmet-clad, Dem Brownshirts attacked them. One of the Antifa miscreants was hit in the head by a flash-bang grenade fired by police, but don't worry. I'm sure his mom made it all better when he got back home to his parents' basement. In Berkely, CA, Sunday, the domestic terrorist group smashed out the windows of a USMC recruiting office during a destructive rampage across the city. The next day in the so-called "City of Brotherly Love," Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA were attacked by rabid Progtards as they ate breakfast. Only in America could an all-white Antifa mob get away with chanting "F**k White Supremacy!" at a black, conservative, woman. I'm sure somewhere in the Kremlin, Putin & Soros are laughing their a$$es off.
   After an incredibly successful primary night on Tuesday, President Trump sent a simple, (yet hilarious), 3-word tweet that triggered the hell out of the Democrats - "5 for 5!" In contrast, DemoRAT "rising star" Alexandria Ocassional-Cortex's record was as bare as a Venezuelan supermarket shelf. When asked if she thought the loss was a rejection of socialist candidates, Bolshevik Barbie stated, "well, er, um um, ah, the people no longer want to give billions to the military, who've said they don't want to build more bombs. Instead they said they want to raise trillions in taxes from Warren Buffet, and give everyone free healthcare and free college. Oh and carbon taxes. Does that answer your question?" Reporter: "No, but never mind."
   In the special election for OH12, Republican Troy Balderson won by 1,766 votes. Democrats, of course, immediately blamed it on the Green Party Candidate who prevented Danny O'Connor from winning because of his 1,100 votes. (Math is hard). Oh, and those people who voted for the Green Party weren't really registered in OH12. Nope. They were Russians! If these geniuses really did believe that Russians somehow infiltrated the OH12 election, shouldn't they be in favor of Voter ID laws? (just sayin') And with the still undecided race so close, who's shocked that Dems are now finding hundreds "previously uncounted ballots" lying around? Anyone? Bueller? Al Franken probably loaned them some of his extras. Every time there's a close election where the Republican is ahead, they keep "counting" votes until the Democrat "wins." Dead people's votes roll in slow.
   And the award for the most pathetic effort by a panicked organization goes to The Oscars, who this week announced a new "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" category in a futile attempt to shore up their cratering ratings and to stave off their inevitable irrelevance. If Hollyweird actually wanted people to watch this celebutard circle-jerk, they'd ban the elitist anti-American rants from the broadcast and stop making the obtuse, lame, SJW propaganda they've been spewing for years, but they won't. The whole idea of creating an award for the highest grossing films is really about desperation by an Academy that's worried Black Panther won't be nominated for Best Picture. And that would be Raaaaacist! How much you want to bet that the first person to present the Best Popular Film award will be Hillary Clinton?
   Butt Weight, There's Moore! The phrase "the More the Merrier" most certainly doesn't apply to Michael Moore, who will be premiering his latest anti-Trump, anti-American tirade in September. Moore, who spends his time between "documentaries" hiring himself out to parties as a Rosie O'Donnell lookalike, is encouraging other celebrities to, like him, "put their bodies on the line" for the anti-Trump Resistance. If their bodies are anything like his, no one will even be able to see the line. I predict his new project will be every bit the flop his last one was...and less.

   Not to be outdone, Moore's doppelganger Rosie O'Donnell and a ragtag army of Broadway performers stormed the White House gates this weekend and unleashed a barrage of assault showtunes in hopes that President Trump would immediately resign. The tiny flaw in O'Donnell's otherwise brilliant plan was that Trump wasn't actually in DC at the time, meaning that the "protest" was only seen by a small crowd of peons who couldn't afford to attend an actual Broadway show without selling their children's vital organs. Broadway liberals will not be content until the whole country is Les Miserables!.
   Finally, would someone please hand Jim Acosta some Midol? The CrybabyNN pundit admitted that he stomped out of a press briefing because WH press secretary Sarah Sanders wouldn't say what he wanted her to say. It seems Soyboy, whining, little Jimmy asked Sanders if Trump thinks the press is an enemy of the people, and she wouldn't answer. Well, lets us take a shot at it, shall we? When the press is the propaganda arm of one political party, it is the enemy of the people. When the press makes up stories like they have with President Trump, it is the enemy of the people. When the press tries to overturn the results of an election, it is the enemy of the people. When the press twists itself in knots defending a virulently anti-white Asian David Duke and sees her Ku Klux Korean hate as an asset, not a liability, it is the enemy of the people. Yes. Jimmy Boy, the press is the enemy of the people and has been during most of my lifetime, only now, they no longer try to hide their bias. It is out in the open for all to see, and all your childish tantrums and making yourself the story won't change that.

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