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August 17, 2018

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   It was another banner week for the moribund Democrat Media Complex. It began with them justifying the violence and destruction perpetrated by hundreds so-called anti-violence Antifa thugs against the "journalists" reporting on it, the police, and pretty much anything else that got in the way of their campaign against the non-existant "White Supremacists," on the 1 year anniversary of Charlottesville. Several members of the press expressed their "extreme disappointment" that the white nationalist rally they hyped up for an entire week was only attended by 30 people Saturday. "We really wanted to use this to inflame the race war, so we were pretty bummed when we couldn't get a good shot of millions of neo-Nazis marching through the streets of Washington," said one CrapNN reporter. "It would have fit perfectly with our narrative. Oh well. There's always next year," a somber MS-LSD anchor said.
   It looks like our worst fears for Donald Trump are finally upon us. For 3 years the TDSMedia has tried to destroy him. Well, start the impeachment hearings because Omarosa's father's brother's college roommate overheard a friend say he heard a tape on which Trump may have used the "N-word." Omarosa, (named after the ranch where the Cartwrights lived in the TV series "Bonanza"), was fired from the White House for multiple violations of security protocol, and is now trying to sell an autobiography by claiming Trump used the racial epithet back when they were both entertainment media whores rather than political media whores. Trump responded with one of his more infamous tweets: "When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn't work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!" Predictably, the LibMedia feigned outrage over the insult, but the real reason they're jumping on the Omarosa bandwagon is that according to Rasmussen, President Trump's approval rating among black voters is up to 36%. They know her book is about as credible as an email from a Nigerian prince, but what else can they do? They need to ratchet up the "Trump is a racist" meme because the Democrat Party is hemorrhaging black voters. But the president probably shouldn't have called her a dog - dogs are friendly, and loyal. Perhaps if he qualified it by calling her a rabid dog, the kind that bites the hand that feeds it? And you know the technical term for a female dog, right? Actually, now that I think of it, Trump nailed it after all.
   Disgraced FBI agent, wife-cheater, and all-around duplicitous a**hole Peter Strzok was fired Monday for "a few minor infractions" like completely stonewalling the Hillary Clinton investigation, and attempting a behind-the-scenes coups of President Donald Trump. All of which sounds like he should be facing a wall and a blindfold instead of filing for unemployment benefits. And he may not even be doing that considering his fat "Go Fund Me" money grab he feels he deserves for his "more than two decades," (fourteen decades in Omarosa years), "in a job he loved at the FBI" spent subverting justice and screwing the American people. And now that the Hillbilly-sniffing, crazy-eyes-making mad texter is available, how long before ClownNN gives Strzok a job? If I had failing Chris Cuomo's abysmal ratings, I'd be watching my back. Oh elsewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright, The band it plays at Walmart, and smelly Trump supporter hearts are light; And Patriots are laughing, and deplorable children shout, But there is no joy in Swampville--mighty Crazy has Strzok out.
   Can you believe Drama Queen John Brennan was once the head of the CIA? The Trump Administration pulled his security clearance Wednesday and from the way he carried on, you'd think he was a teenage girl whose father wouldn't let him borrow the car. "This action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics," Brennan Tweeted. Now how exactly is yanking Brennan's clearance suppressing his freedom of speech? If you need a security clearance to exercise freedom of speech, then hundreds of millions of Americans do not have Freedom of Speech. Brennan spent the last 2 years painting every action President took as the most egregious and horrible thing ever. He can still do that without a security clearance. No, he's howling like a petulant woman scorned because he just became less valuable to NBC News. They are paying him because he has access to classified information. Without that he's just another NBC "pundit" screaming helplessly at the sky. And really? How many of those do they need?
   Yesterday, the so-called "Free Press" all across the country coordinated editorial hit jobs against President Trump. Because it's not propaganda when the newspapers all get together and write the same thing. And Today, they're probably all going to coordinate their outfits. Per the great Andrew Klavan: The NYT - a former newspaper - has joined with the Boston Globe and more than 300 other newspapers in publishing editorials attacking Donald Trump - in unison - for falsely accusing them of attacking him in unison. The newspapers joined in celebrating an independent free press, by acting in perfect conformity, all expressing the exact same opinions, celebrating their independence and the freedom to be exactly like all the other independent papers, saying the same thing freely and independently, as long as its the same. The editorial says in part, "in answer to the vicious attacks on the press by Donald Trump, we hereby unite in viciously attacking Donald Trump, which, OK, we've been doing for about 3 years now, but this time we really mean it...Rest assured that as a free press, we will continue to defend free speech, by assassinating the character of anyone who disagrees with us."
   Finally, this week we got the sad news that Aretha Franklin, "The Queen of Soul," has died of pancreatic cancer. Here are 9 awesome Aretha Franklin performances that brought down the house to remember her by.

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