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September 07, 2018

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   Leftists and swamp-dwellers alike reveled in the anti-Trump rally disguised as a funeral in DC Saturday, and if Meghan McStain's funeralathon eulogy proved anything, it's that the vindictive apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Instead of respectfully celebrating her dad's life, the ample McCain spawn used her final tribute to the sneerly departed to mock President Trump, saying "The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great." It was petty, spiteful, and childish. You know. Like John McCain himself. The sad thing is Miss Piggy wasn't dishonoring her father's memory in the least by taking pot-shots at Trump. She did precisely what her father wanted done at his funeral. It's the Wellstone Memorial all over again. Let's call it the Gallstone Memorial because it takes a lot of gall to talk out of your fat a$$ like that. Meghan, you ignorant slut. A funeral is not a place for insults - THIS IS. You're a giant, giant fraud, who's no longer relevant now that your old man is (finally) dead. Although I understand he will be voting Democrat again in November.
   I don't go to the movies much anymore because most of them are crap and I refuse support left wing Hollyweirdos who hate me. I assumed the upcoming film "First Man," about Neil Armstrong's inspiring journey to the moon, would be an exception. It's about space exploration. Accomplishment. American grit and determination. A time when we united to win the space race and beat the Russians to the moon. I remember that awesome feeling I had as a kid 49 years ago watching this amazing feat. It was an incredible chapter in our nation's history. Then I heard the Hollyweenies had intentionally excluded what is arguably the most historic event in world history - the iconic scene where Armstrong planted the American flag on the moon. Canadian Ryan Gosling, who plays Armstrong, explained the decision saying, "I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement - that's how we chose to view it." Human achievement, my a$$! Americans went to the moon. Americans planted the flag; Americans beat the Russians in the Cold War space race. Sorry, liberals, but America won. I know that makes you unhappy. Then again, these people are only happy when America is being trashed. They scoff that this amazing achievement "transcended countries and borders." Frankly, the film now sounds like it transcends my need to see it.
   The lunar landing was, in fact, a human achievement, but it was achieved by a very specific set of humans - Americans. It is not a coincidence that almost every major human achievement of the last two-plus centuries, has been American. What these jerks refuse to see is that AMERICA IS THE ACHIEVEMENT from which most subsequent achievements have sprung forth. That they would purposely skip the iconic moment of Armstrong planting the American flag on the the moon is hardly shocking. The Apollo 11 moon landing was a moment of national pride and patriotism. But to the Left, national pride and patriotism are embarrassing - the refuge of gap-toothed deplorables and uneducated rubes. They want to destroy America - our culture, heritage, history and place in the world; to fundamentally transform it. Armstrong was an American hero and this was perhaps the greatest of all AMERICAN achievements. As I always say, there are 2 kinds of countries in this world - those that have landed a man on the moon, and those that use the metric system!

   It took 5 seconds for the Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation hearings smearings to turn into a raging dumpster fire. To noone's surprise, the "world's most deliberative body" erupted in shouts, shrieks, motions and parliamentary nonsense before the judge's name was even announced. In a pre-planned move to sabotage the proceedings, DemoRATS howled and disrupted, calling for an immediate adjournment. Paid, fetus-hating hecklers, sadly deprived of their pussy hats, also screamed hysterically from the gallery before being dragged out forcibly by security personnel, prompting Dick Durbin to admiringly characterize their shrill attacks as "the noise of Democracy." Of course, none of this is new or even about Kavanaugh. This kind of lunacy has been going on for 30 years. But the shameful performances by Senate Democrats and their invited flying monkees were so reprehensible it made the smears and slanders of Robert Bork seem mild by comparison. And that's saying something. Watch Sen. Ben Sasse give an incredible and much needed civics lesson explaining why these freaks are so hysterical. I just hope they keep throwing their tantrums and behaving like imbeciles. Sure, it will play well on ClowNN and MSLSD. But normal Americans are watching this Sh!t show and see these kinds of childish antics for what they are. And this kind of crap doesn't play well out in the real world. It's going to backfire on them in a big, BIG way.
   Just when you thought the spectacle couldn't get more ridiculous, pathetic 2020 hopeful, "Jazz Hands" Booker, declared an "I am Spartacus moment," in which he'd defiantly violate Senate rules by releasing confidential emails of Kavanaugh discussing racial profiling. Predictably, the whole stunt blew up in his face within minutes. Turns out the documents he "heroically" released had already been cleared for publication and, (shocker), he was merely grandstanding. Further, the "bombshell" documents Spartacus Booker was so desperate to reveal weren't quite the smoking gun he made them out to be. In fact, they showed that Kavanaugh was against racial profiling. Way to go SpartacASS. What a clown. Maybe he just likes gladiator movies.
   Which brings us to the latest Enemedia Prog-gasms over an anonymous "senior Trump Administration official's" op-ed in the NY Slimes. Put aside for a moment how pitiful it is that the former newspaper would be so desperate to attack Trump that they'd publish anonymous, and therefore irrefutable, smears against him. The funny thing about this mishegas is how it inadvertently proves what POTUS has been saying all along. For over a year and a half, the Libmedia has scoffed and harrumphed at the idea of a Deep State working to undermine the duly-elected President. It's "conspiracy theory" they sneered with mocking disdain. Then the NYT prints this hit piece that, if true, confirms that the Deep State soft coup to undermine the President is real. And the same news outfits that have been mocking the notion, are now slobbering like Pavlov's dogs over it. How can you not laugh yourself silly at these morons? This clip from last night of Trump calling out the lying media for this "gutless" attack is a MUST see.

   Finally, it looks like the Nike Swoosh has become a sound made by customers and investors leaving after they named Colin "Kneepads" Kaepernick as their newest spokesman. "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything?" What did this mediocre has-been sacrifice, exactly? Their slogan should have been: Hate America. Take a knee. Bitch and moan. Become a victim. Cash in. There's a certain irony in Nike's desire to use Kaeperdick to show their "woke" social consciousness considering that the underpaid sweatshop laborers who make their products overseas would probably be flogged senseless for staging a knee-bending protest during working hours. But in the immortal words of Rhett Butler, frankly I don't give a damn about Nike, Kaepernick, or the horse they rode in on. And as far as a boycott of Nike products go, "Just do it."

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