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September 21, 2018

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   The good news about last week's hurricane was that Poseidon Trump did all he could to knock Florence down to a Cat 1 storm before it slammed into NC. The bad news was that once beyond his god-like powers over the oceans, she was so depressed at her degradation that Florence moped around crying for days, dropping insane amounts of rain, causing massive flooding. As I write this, the death toll stands at 42, there are almost 100k still without power and an unknown number have lost everything due to catastrophic flooding. Lets say a prayer and do all we can to help our southern friends in need.
   By now I'm sure you're all familiar with the sordid details of the Judge Kavanaugh political lynching, but just to recap: After Senate hearings had concluded, with Kavanaugh's confirmation seemingly in the bag, Dianne Feinstein (RTRD-CA), threw a desperation Hail Mary pass, leaking a letter she had been sitting on for months from a left-wing activist alleging that 36 years ago, a drunken 17 year old Kavanaugh copped an unwanted feel from her at a party. None of us can know what may have happened at a lame party over 3 decades ago, but apparently, neither does the accuser. Somehow she remembers Kavanaugh allegedly attacking her - something so out of character for him that not one other single person has ever experienced anything remotely similar - but she can't remember the only 2 details Kavanaugh could use to clear his name - the where and when it supposedly happened. How convenient!

  That a Lefty Professor (who's virulently anti-Trump social media profile and damning HS yearbooks were miraculously scrubbed from the Internet), would hurl unprovable accusations at a SCOTUS nominee to protect her sacred right to murder babies, is hardly surprising. What's different this time, however, is that under Trump's leadership, Republicans are fighting back. In the past the Democrats have gotten away with these kinds of underhanded and slimy tactics, but so far, Operation Smear Kavanaugh appears to be blowing up in their faces. Grassley called their bluff and is making every accommodation to let this libtard and her Soros-funded lawyer make their case, causing the left to preposterously howl that inviting her to testify is actually silencing her? Got that? We'll see if they bother to show up for the hearing set for next Friday. Regardless, with the passage of so much time, it's impossible to know what really happened so long ago and how much the victim's memories may have metastasized or been rewritten, so here's a proposal. The Left wants Kavanaugh punished despite the lack of evidence, the impossibility of investigation, and the expiration - by decades - of any relevant statutes of limitations. I therefore suggest that he be sentenced to repay his debt to society with a lifetime of community service at the Supreme Court just as quickly as he can be sworn in for his well-deserved seat.
  It was another banner week for the Fake News Media. First the NY Slimes attempted to smear Nikki Haley over $52k curtains ordered for the UN ambassador's residence by her predecessor and approved by the Obama regime. Of course the Slimes' headline dishonestly blamed it on Haley and the ignorant masses from the Resistance(LOL) bought it hook, line and curtain rod. But their flagrant deceit didn't make Nikki Haley look bad. Instead, it once again exposed the NYT as lying hacks and made the Leftists who gobble up their garbage look like even bigger fools than they already did. This was followed by the hysterical footage from the Weather Channel of a reporter struggling to stay on his feet while braving the apocalyptic winds of Hurricane Florence, unaware that two guys in shorts are casually strolling by in the background. Even funnier was how this courageous "journalist" fights against a battering wind that is bearing down from the left, yet, if you watch the video, the wind is actually blowing from the right. If you're going to fake it, dude, at least fake it in the right direction. CrapNN's entry for the best example of journalistic integrity was when Jake Tapper designated an entire segment to the left's current moral champion Stormy Daniels' description of Trump's Presidential pecker. Finally a subject Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith are authorities on. Journalism isn't just dead, folks. It's been completely obliterated by a Cat 5 hurricane of Fake News.
  President Trump ordered the declassification of records related to the Russia investigation this week and predictably, the DemMedia complex blew a gasket. It's unprecedented, they howled. The President risks exposing sources and methods!!! As if these Guardians of Truth give a crap about national security. They'd burn the country to the ground if it harmed Trump. Adam Shiff-for-brains was heard to say, "Trump can't do this! How the Hell are we supposed to leak stuff if he just releases them! - it's Treason I tell you!" And since when is the press against government transparency? Since they're worried about their own miserable hides. The breathless hysteria from Democrat partisans and their cheerleaders in the media makes it clear that declassifying these previously unseen or heavily redacted documents destroys their fake Russia Caloooshun narrative. That's why they're in a panic.
  Speaking of Dem hacks, John (You Rang?) Kerry continued his traitorous ways, holding "beyond inappropriate" meetings with Iranian officials urging them to wait out Trump saying, essentially we'd have "more flexibility after the next election." Trump subsequently called horse-face out for trying to "undercut our great work to the detriment of the American people." When asked about his thoughts that Kerry was reportedly considering a run for president in 2020, Trump only needed five words to sum it up: "looks really good - FOR ME!" Another potential 2020 contender, worthless pile of garbage Joe Biden, had his "deplorables" moment this week, declaring Trump supporters were "virulent people, some of them the dregs of society." Apparently crazy uncle Joe thinks attacking half the country is his ticket to the White House. After all, it worked so well for Hillary.
  Finally, this week saw an announcement by a former Sesame Street writer that puppet buddies Bert and Ernie were actually gay lovers. Sesame Street quickly denied the allegation, making the not inconsequential point that THE CHARACTERS ARE PUPPETS FOR GOD SAKE! They have no genitalia and can't have sex - which I'm sure the LGBT community is relieved to hear. After all, do they really want gay couples to be represented as poorly dressed, constantly bickering, hopelessly dimwitted doofuses who exhibit really bad impulse control and obsessive fascination in the ABCs, primary colors, and squeaky bath toys? I don't think so. Personally, I'm a tad bit concerned about Bert's pigeon fetish. But that may just be me.

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