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October 05, 2018

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   The Kavanaugh circus rolled on this week thanks to last Friday's cowardly Flake-out in the face of unhinged, screaming, Soros-funded activists. Surprisingly, the carnival barkers in the DemMedia and the Senate weren't able to find any new freaks to pull out of their clown car to smear him with more spurious, uncorroborated sexual misconduct charges from antiquity. Instead, with their duplicitous attacks collapsing like a house of cards, the desperate Wile E Coyote Party reached deep into their bag of dastardly tricks to keep the mud-slinging parade going. First they farcically accused him of perjury during testimony regarding his admitted penchant for drinking beer, and references to fart jokes, drinking games and other dumb things in The Kavanaugh Hearings, Part 2: "Tales From the Yearbook." Then the 'Rats attacked him for "not having the temperament" to be on the SCOTUS because he had the nerve to defend his family and stellar reputation from their vicious, unfounded slanders. Senator Spartacus laughably contended that it didn't matter whether he was innocent or not, there was now such a cloud over Kavanaugh (that he and his cohorts put there), that it was time to move on to another nominee. When that laughable assertion fell flat, they brought out the big guns. Brett Kavanaugh is an ice-thrower! OH NOES!!!
   That's right. According to a crack reporter at the NY Slimes, Brett Kavanaugh was involved in a bar fight while at Yale where he was accused of *gasp* throwing ice at someone. Our Free Press, ladies and gentlemen - those noble Guardians of Freedom, Democracy, Truth and stuff. Naturally other idiots in the Enemedia pounced on the alleged ice throwing incident with so much breathless vehemence you'd think Kavanaugh drove drunk off a bridge and left a girl to die. Oh sure, ice may not sound like a big deal at first, but it was a pretty big damn deal to those on the Titanic. Imagine the carnage this sociopathic ice-flinging maniac could cause if he gets his hands on an assault Slurpee.
You know the Democrat Media Complex has overplayed its hand when even Mitch McTurtle, leader of the Surrender Party, is mocking them.
   Thankfully, it looks like this mishegas is finally coming to an end. The 7th FBI report on Kavanaugh came out Wednesday, and even Flakey and the GOP squish sisters found "no new corroborative information" in the "thorough" report. While predictably, Sen. Frankenfeinstein (D-China) refused to accept the results of the report she's been demanding for weeks, and Sen. 'Stolen Valor' Blumenthal said the FBI is complicit in a cover-up, or something, it looks like it's all over but the voting. Chinless Mitch has called for the cloture vote to end debate for 10:30 this morning and the vote to confirm Kavanaugh to be held tomorrow. As anyone who's seen McConnell in action over the years knows, it's not likely he would be calling for a vote if he didn't have the votes already. We've certainly had our fill of watching the Dems and their lapdog media casting stones at this good man. It remains to be seen if the Republicans have the stones to finally do the right thing.

   If there's a silver lining in this brutal Kavanaugh character assassination, polls are showing that it lit a raging fire under Republicans and turned off Independents, with a month to go before the midterms. Not only has the Dems' vaunted "enthusiasm gap" all but vanished, but a batch of brand new Senate polls suggest the GOP is in a much stronger position to gain several seats. We'll see if this prediction that the GOP will hold the majority in the House holds up, as well. As for me, after witnessing their despicable antics and ruthlessness throughout the Kavanaugh lynching, I would crawl over flaming broken glass into a salt and lemon juice pit to vote against every Democrat I can. And it doesn't look like I'm alone. So thank you, Judge Kavanaugh, for your character and courage in standing up to these disgusting smears. And thank you, Democrats, for reminding us who you've become, who you really are, and just how far you'll sink to obtain power. See you in November.
   In other news (yes there was other news), Monday the WH announced that (in spite of PM Trudeau's false bravado), the US & Canada had forged a last-gasp deal to join with Mexico in a three-country, $1.2 trillion open-trade zone to replace the collapsing NAFTA treaty. While past presidents of both parties have mostly bowed to globalists to the detriment of the US, President Trump made good on his promise to put American interests first and even out unfair trade deals. Looks like his magic wand is working since the new agreement appears to be a mutually beneficial one for all 3 countries. The big loser appears to be China who reports this week indicate has been spying on the CIA and US technology companies using a tiny spy chips. The talks for the new treaty probably could have been settled in a day or so if Trump didn't try to negotiate when Trudeau was premenstrual. Democrats refuse to vote on the deal without an FBI investigation in..3..2..1...
   If you own a cell phone (and who doesn't) you may have been surprised Wednesday by the debut of a nationwide FEMA "Presidential Alert" system. Although I knew it was coming, it was jarring nonetheless when dozens of phones around the office belched that piercing sound all at once. Predictibly, some leftists immediately screamed they were "raped by technology" and others have filed lawsuits claiming the system designed to make us aware of national emergencies violates their rights or something. To paraphrase the late, great Anthony Perkins, Leftists, man. Can't live with them. Can't hack them to death with a kitchen knife.
    Considering the sad state of affairs these days here are a couple of videos to lighten things up a bit. Check out this parody - that Facebook banned - showing how far the DemMedia will go to destroy anyone on the right. And here's one from Owen Benjamin explaining why in these days of #MeToo & #WeBelieveHer gone wild, he now feels he was Wrong About Islam. Finally, no matter how bad a day you may be having, things could still be worse. At least you weren't b!tch-slapped by a seal with an octopus.

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