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October 19, 2018

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   In an effort strike back at Trump for mocking her so-called Indian heritage, Elizabeth Warren (Cherokee-MA) released the results of a DNA test this week showing that she is so white, she makes the Pillsbury Dough Boy look MEXICAN! Turns out Fauxcahontas MAY have 1/1024th or 0.09% Native American DNA dating back 6-10 generations, which means Lieawatha has statistically half as much AI blood in her as the average white American. Big Chief Miracle Whip has so little Indian blood it may just be because one of her ancestors got some on his shirt when he was killing one of them. The pitiful report proves Princess Running Mouth to be a fraud and a liar. After her extensive history of claiming Indian heritage to advance her political and professional career, the test revealed that Saca-sh!t-wea is whiter than Shaun King at a Vanilla Ice concert. She makes Casper the Ghost look Kanye West. She's whiter than Mitt Romney in a snowstorm. She may just be the honkiest squaw in America.
   The Cherokee Nation read the smoke signals on Princess Shoveling Bull's DNA report and said she speaks with forked tongue. And while Dances with Soros is in heap big trouble with them, that didn't stop the FakeNews Media from insisting that the paltry results authenticated her position as leader of the #MeSioux movement and that Trump owed the Commie squaw an apology. In classic Trumpian style, he replied, apology?, "She owes the country an apology. What's her percentage, 1/1000th?" Presstitutes then had the gall to accuse Trump of welshing on an offer he supposedly made of $1 million if she took a DNA test, as if we couldn't watch with our own eyes Trump joking about what he'd hypothetically do if he ever debated her. How pathetic. They're not even trying to disguise their unprofessional, misleading, biased spin anymore. Not to be outdone, HiLIARy revealed of her own recent DNA test that conclusively proved that only 50% of her blood comes from reptilian humanoids from space bent on destroying humanity. Many Washington insiders had claimed she was 100% reptile, but these claims are now known to be a hoax.
   Monday, a judge tossed out Stormy Daniels's lawsuit against President Trump and ordered her to pay his legal fees, concluding that she had "failed to establish a prima facie case for defamation." Which just goes to show it's pretty hard to defame a porn star. Following the decision, in one he probably wishes he could take back, DJT gave the washed up porn "actress" a new nickname, tweeting: "Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas." The most ironic part of the ruling is that since Daniels must pay Trump's costs for the frivolous lawsuit, and she had raised over $500,000 on a crowdfunding site, all the Resistance(LOL) morons who donated to fight their Orange Bogeyman are now paying him instead of her infamous ambulance chaser, Avenetti! I guess it's time to start another HoFundMe account. Cue the helpless screaming at the sky!
   Just in time for Halloween, dozens of witches will gather in NYC tomorrow to put a hex on newly minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The ceremony will include photos and effigies of Kavanaugh as well as graveyard dirt and coffin nails so everyone will know that the hex maniacs are taking this thing seriously. Nothing says leftism like bizarre superstition mixed with rage and hideous-looking green-skinned women with warty noses grinding their axes. The witches say they are hoping a ceremony of malevolent females intoning useless nonsense in service to the Evil One will attract everyone who still believes in the Democrat party - namely malevolent females intoning useless nonsense in service to the Evil One. The only remaining question is whether the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua will be leading the incantation.
   If you thought the LibMedia freaked out when Kanye West started wearing a MAGA hat and supporting President Trump, you had to see their unhinged reaction to the President meeting with him in the Oval Office last week. Maybe they didn't like that Kanye spoke the truth that blacks don't HAVE TO be Democrat and welfare has destroyed the black family leaving generations of fatherless kids and causing many of the problems facing the black community today. But the Mediots really lost it when Kanye dropped the Mother-F-Bomb, saying it denigrates the decorum the office of the Presidency demands, or something. Yes, the same Mediawhores who obsessed over Trump's presidential member for the last month and were OK with Bubba using Monica's hoo-hah as a humidor in the in the Oval now think the Office requires respect. Puhleeeease!
   First it was the Kavanaugh fiasco, then the Lieawatha farce, and now it looks like the Left's latest feeble attempt at an October surprise before the midterms - using a caravan of Hondurans looking to invade our country to reprise the "Trump is an inhuman monster for separating families" meme - is blowing up in their faces, as well. Predictably, the ProgMedia lost it when Trump warned he'd send the U.S. military to "close our southern border" with Mexico and threatened to end all aid to Honduras if officials there don't stop the Soros Express's march toward America. It now appears that Trump's hard line is working as the invasion caravan's leader has been arrested and Mexico sent federal police to its southern border to detain and deport anyone who tries to enter their country without a visa. Since a majority of Americans feel WE should decide who can come here and the invaders appear to have been halted by Trump's decisive actions, the whole charade may well end up being nothing more than another case of the Progtards showing once again that they care more for illegals than American citizens. Forget McCarthy's bill to fully fund the wall. I propose a new line of defense on our border. Call it The Trebuchet Brigade. Their motto can be: Please go back. We only ask once!
   Have you heard of the latest "outrage" the DemWits are getting their panties in a bunch over - the NPC meme? Check out this video from PJW explaining why the Proggies are looking to ban it from social media because they can't tolerate the accurate and funny comparisons to mindless, programmed automatons. In order to prove that they are free thinkers, liberals across the country all argued against the meme at the same time, chanting, "We are not mindless NPCs" in perfect unison. At publishing time, a new directive had been issued for all liberals to chant, "Republicans are mindless Russian bots" for several minutes and the NPS's dutifully obeyed.

   Finally, the mid-term elections are less than 3 weeks away and as events of the last few months have shown, it comes down to a choice between the rule of law and the rule of the mob. While it has been a very bad week for Senate Dems McCaskill & Heitkamp, polls are showing the House (and with it the whole MAGA agenda) are up in the air. Although these are the same polls that showed Trump had zero chance of winning in 2016, we must all do our part to shock the world again. I strongly urge all of you to help out a GOP campaign (like this guy with perhaps the best campaign ad of all time - Dr. Steve Ferrara, Bada$$ for Congress) - with time &/or money if possible, or at a minimum get out and vote and make sure every like-minded person you know does the same. Whatever you do, do not let the Democrat voter intimidation drive keep you from the polls on November 6th. You've seen their terrorist violence and threats escalating of late - we cannot let them win. Because if this is how they behave when they are out of power, imagine what they'd do to us if they ever regain it.

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