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October 26, 2018

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   With the midterms a mere 11 days away, the big stories this week are the approaching Central American migrant caravan invading army and a spate of ineffective pipe bombs sent to many of the most prominent Democrats. As I write this, thankfully, Feds appear to have apprehended the deranged and amateurish domestic terrorist before he could do actual harm to anyone. The effect he will have on the election is yet to be seen.
   First, language matters, so can we please stop calling it a caravan? Caravan is a friendly sounding word that conjures up images of camels and spices, and resting at some oasis quietly munching figs in the shade. Or maybe old gypsy women telling fortunes, stories told by campfire light, accordion music, dancing, etc. This is an INVASION which, per the Oxford English dictionary is: an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity; an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain. Which do you think more accurately describes the conga line of non-skilled, non-English speaking predominantly males from the most violent Latin American countries currently marching on our southern border?
   Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution says: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; After witnessing the assaults and robberies being committed as the well-organized, Marxist funded/instigated foreign army snakes through Mexico northward, there can be little doubt of the threat they pose. The images of these marauders burning swastika-desecrated American flags and waving middle their fingers at us as they advance northward give a good indication of what to expect should they ever cross the border. Throw in the DHS assessments of terrorists in their midst and despite the inevitable progtard shreiking to the contrary, there is no question that the POTUS has a duty to send the military to prevent them from illegally entering our country. Hell, even Obammy said so back in the day. For now, the President is working with Mexico to find a way to deal with these illegal aliens and is sending troops to to the border, just in case. So far, Trump has shown he has the stones to follow through on his tough talk. Let's pray that this show of force will be enough to convince the angry hordes to turn back. If not, it could get ugly.
   Now let's talk about the would-be bomber. Early indications are he was a Trump supporter who really did have an ax to grind against Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the Democrat party. His profile appears to be too perfect, but if this guy does turn out to be "on our side," he's a despicable aberration and in no way represents our principles, ideals or tactics. My experience from the Tea Party days was that political movements attract all kinds of people, including ones who aren't playing with a full deck. As my friend Tony used to say, "You have your left-wing and your right-wing. These are the wing-tips." The difference between us and the DeMOBcrat party is that while we shunned and disavowed the crazies that occasionally showed up at our rallies, the Left cheers on the Antifa goons and BLM thugs at theirs. Our leaders immediately condemned these despicable actions in the strongest possible terms, while theirs urge their brown shirts to "bring a gun to a knife fight," to "get out and create a crowd, and you push back on them," and "when they go low, we kick them." Their lapdog media races to blame Trump's rhetoric for the abhorrent actions of this lunatic, while declaring Bernie guiltless (which he was) when his demented supporter shot up a GOP softball practice screaming, "this is for Healthcare." The difference couldn't be more stark. For us, such actions are horrifying, but for them, it's business as usual.
   Not only that, but if the perpetrator really is a deranged right-winger, from a political perspective, he's a monumentally stupid one. Why would a Trump supporter try and blow up Maxine Waters? She is a gift to our side. So are Obama & Clinton for that matter. And the timing of this couldn't be worse. All the momentum was on the GOP side. The DemoRAT insanity at the Kavanaugh lynching, hounding Republicans out of restaurants, violence in Portland & the impending Honduran invasion had the country freaking. The "Blue Wave" was ebbing. We were looking to gain Senate seats and possibly hold the House. Now, who knows? This could put the brakes on all of that. We'll have to redouble our efforts to make sure that doesn't happen. A final note on this. Many of the 'toons I gathered this week reflect the likelihood that this was all a Left-wing, "October surprise" hoax. While that is obviously not the case, the 'toons are pretty funny, nonetheless, so they remain.
   With the midterms just 11 days away, here are a couple of can't-miss videos for you to share with your friends. The GOP's final message, Jobs Not Mobs, contrasts America's amazing economic turnaround since 2016 with the violence and insanity of the Left. And here's a message from "a spokesperson for the Democratic Party" explaining why you need to vote Blue this November - or you're a Facist. And while Trump barnstorms across the country at MASSIVE rallies for GOP candidates, (including one with over 100k for Ted Cruz in TX), former President Selfie stick was on the trail stumping for Dems in front of tens of people, asking us to focus on whats really important - him. In 38 minutes, Obongo referred to himself 92 times. Not only did he laughably take credit for Trump's on many measures unprecedented economic boom, but while snarkily jabbing at Trump, he even lied about lying. So thanks, Odumbo, for reminding us what a narcissistic prick you are and how miserable your Wreck-overy was. It put things in perspective and highlights how much we have to lose if America is stupid enough to hand Congress back to the radical Left.
   Folks, we have 11 days to stop them. I'm asking all of you to join me in doing whatever you can to keep the Speaker's gavel out of brain-freeze Puhlousy's hands. We're in the home stretch. Get involved. Polls show the GOP can still win. From here on in, our message must be #StopPelosi. Stop the Pelosi Democrats From Raising Taxes and Killing Jobs. Stop the Pelosi Democrats From Opening the Borders to More Terror, More Drugs, More Criminals, and More Illegal Immigrants. Stop the Pelosi Democrats From Passing Socialist Government Run Healthcare, Ending Employer Paid Coverage and Ending Medicare for Seniors as We Know It. Keep America First and Stop the Democrats From Going Back to the Global Elites. Every 2016 Trump voter needs to be asked to bring another friend or family member to vote on Nov. 6. We have a week to go. Let's not wake up Nov 7th to a miserable outcome lamenting that there was more we could have done to Keep America Great.

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