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November 09, 2018

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   Now that the the midterms (thankfully) are behind us comes the inevitable slew of post-mortems, so here's mine. First, while the vaunted "Blue wave" hit a red wall in the Senate, there's no getting around the fact that giving the lunatics control of the asylum in the House is a big deal. There is no doubt Puh-lousy, Mad Max, and Schiff-for-brains, et al, will spend the next 2 years making PDJT's life a living hell. They'll do everything they can to monkey-wrench his agenda while endlessly investigating him as if he's John Gotti. But if there's one thing we've learned about Trump these last few years it's that is he's a fighter who thrives in a hostile environment. He likes having an opponent to bat around and he's likely to be invigorated now that the crazies are in charge of the House. Buckle up folks. It's going to be a bumpy, (but entertaining), ride.
   Second, the 'Rats will undoubtedly push too hard and too far. They can't help it. These people are unhinged lunatics with no OFF button. They are going to overplay their hand. And when they spend the next 2 years screaming about tax returns, and impeachment instead of working on things where there is bi-partisan agreement like infrastructure and prison reform, it'll practically guarantee Trump's re-election in 2020. In the meantime, Republicans would be smart to make the most of this lame duck session and get some border security passed before the new House is sworn in. In other words, take a page from the Democrats' playbook and jam things through before they lose control in January.
   Third, THE GOP DESERVED TO LOSE THE HOUSE. When the Left had complete control of D.C. in the dark days of '09-10, they were ruthless. They rammed all kinds of Socialist wet dreams and anti-American policies down our throats. For 8 years the GOP promised us if we gave them the levers of power they'd cut spending, kill Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood & fix immigration. And when they finally got them, they did none of the above. They earned the boot in their a$$ they just got. The only (slim) hope is that many of the deep-state RINO types are now gone and the Freedom caucus remains. Should they win back the house in 2020, maybe they'll finally learn the lesson that We The People don't abide lying cowards. But don't hold your breath.
   Finally, Ryan & Co. implemented almost none of our agenda legislatively when they had the chance. Most of the positives since Jan 2017 like cutting regulations, etc., were done at the executive level and as Odumbo learned, those are easily reversed by a successor of the opposite party. When all is said and done Trump's only lasting legacy may well be the conservative reshaping of the courts. The Senate gains make this the one place where progress can continue during '19-20. There better not be one unfilled SCOTUS, circuit or appellate court seat 2 years from now. Let the confirmations begin!
   Now for a few of my favorite election recaps from the pros: Here's a great pre-election commentary from Andrew Klavan putting it all in perspective. And here's Bill Whittle's take on why a tie is a win for us. Check out Tucker Carlson's Lessons from the midterms. Finally, here's one more from Klavan explaining why the Senate gains were Trump's victory.
   A few other points come to mind in the aftermath of the election. The Left is always about power and as the slimy attempts to "Al Franken" away the close contests in FL, AZ & GA show they'll do anything to get it. We all know they're gonna keep counting till the Dems win. For once I'd like to see a recount where a Republican gains votes. And forget Hil-LIAR-y's nonsense about a return to civility when they finally got power back. The howling mob of fascists that attacked Tucker Carlson's house Wednesday dispelled that fantasy rather quickly. The Left is a miserable bunch. You'd think recapturing the House would make them happy for at least a FEW days, but not these wretched bastards. They're already on to the next outrage, grinding their teeth because now that spineless Sessions resigned, they think their precious Mueller Russian hoax investigation is threatened. Hopefully Trump will be smart enough to pick a war-time consigliere for AG this time, because he's gonna need one.

   Remember the quaint old days when journalists at least pretended to respect the office of the POTUS and interrupting the president brought outrage from the media? How about when Joe Wilson's calling out Obama's lies on healthcare was a crime against humanity? Well, after Wednesday's hostile Presidential press conference it is clear that the WH Presstitute Corp has devolved to a bunch of far Left activists who seethe with hatred for Trump and his supporters. The hostility reached a crescendo when CrapNN's Jim (look at me) Acosta scolded the president for characterizing the approaching Honduran Horde as an "invasion." Trump was having none of it and spanked Ass-Costa for his rude tirade, saying, "I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN, and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better." The grandstanding prick then refused to sit down and kept haranguing the president, despite Trump's insistence he do so. When a female intern tried to take the microphone from him, Heckler-Jim batted her away, which got the moron banned from the White House. And now Accost-her is trying to simultaneously portray himself as the victim and the hero of this little drama, but he is neither. He's nothing more than a self-promoting blowhard angling to get his own cable show by making himself the story. Maybe Trump can get Kanye in there to take charge of the mic next time.
   Upon hearing news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been hospitalized due to a bad fall that left her with three broken ribs, leftists across social media hysterically offered to donate whatever organs or bones she needs to keep her from keeling over, as if transplanting ribs was a thing. But I disagree with those on our side making jokes about RBG like: maybe Brett spiked her Metamucil, and thankfully she didn't land on a killer-pillow, or suggesting it would be epic if DJT dropped the name of his nominee to replace her today. I'd like to think I'm a bit more compassionate than that. I don't wish her pain and suffering, and I don't wish her dead. I just want her to retire, and right damned NOW. Although, i
f she needs a new a$$hole, looks like Jim Acosta is available.

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