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November 16, 2018

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   As the post-election day GOP body count demonstrates, there are no depths to which DemocRATS won't sink to steal any race close enough where their voter fraud and corruption might prevail. Somehow, they just keep counting until their side wins. In the highest profile example, Broward County, FL, has brought in a consultant to speed up the recount and now expects to have an official total sometime in late 2019.
   ClowNN is suing President Trump, claiming that he is interfering with their 1st Amendment right to spew a ceaseless cascade of total lies in the interest of destroying his presidency. The ridiculous law suit against the WH to get Jim "look at me" AssCosta's hard pass restored, asserts that their chief grandstander's loss of unfettered access, (which 50 other CrapNN "reporters" have), somehow violates their freedom of the press. Let's face it. The only thing CollapsedNN is defending here is their dwindling ratings.
   Proving they learned nothing from Nov 6th's a$$ kicking, House GOP hacks overwhelmingly elected Kevin McCarthy to be Minority Leader in the next Congress. Since he'll have no ability to actually do anything, Paul RINO Lite will undoubtedly talk tough on the wall, deficits, Obamacare, etc., as Bonehead Boehner did before him. But by backing the establishment weenie, the GOP signaled they have no intention of ever following through on their promises and don't deserve to wield the reins of power. It doesn't bode well for 2020.
   As the first wave of the Honduran Hoard arrives in CA, here's a great video demonstrating President Trump's proposed new immigration policy.
   A recent spate of Palestinian terror attacks and a daily, deadly barrage of rockets fired against Israeli civilians by Iranian proxies in Gaza threatens to engulf the Mideast in full-scale war. Let's all pray for and do all we can to support our Israeli brothers and sisters in the almost inevitable conflict to come.
   According to sources close to the Clinton camp, Hillary has already received a large cash advance for a book to explain the imminent failure of her rumored 2020 Presidential campaign. What Happened 2 will explore all the reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2020 race, from Russian hackers and ignorant bigots to extraterrestrials and global warming.
   This week marked the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI and Veterans Day. Who can say it better than George Patton: "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
   Last week SNL "comedian" Pete Davidson mocked a wounded navy seal who was running for Congress. In a rare moment of actual comedy and human decency, this week Davidson issued a genuine apology which now GOP Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw accepted in a funny, warm, segment that we can only hope might be a sign of things to come for SNL.
   Newly-elected Socialist "It Girl" Alexandria Nina Pinta Santa Maria Cortez, who thinks she's qualified to plan our entire economy, revealed this week that she hadn't planned far enough ahead to afford a D.C. apartment for the 2 months before her Congressional salary kicks in. Good luck telling your landlord "you just pay for it" when you come up short for the security deposit. Seems Crazy-eyes Cortez is already dismayed with Washington because people keep assuming that she's just a young, clueless intern instead of a young, clueless member of Congress. I look forward to her future crushing disappointments.
   In one of the quickest and most delicious Karmic smackdowns ever, creepy porn lawyer Michael Anenatti who famously championed "believe her" when trying to smear Bret Kavanaugh as a gang rape mastermind, says he was "falsely accused" of the felony domestic abuse charges that he was arrested for this week. But unlike Basta Boy, I believe in the presumption of innocence, and just because a woman accused him doesn't make it true. He has the right to due process. I hope it goes all the way to the Supreme Court.
   Finally, this week is Thanksgiving, when we celebrate all the blessings in our life by over-eating ourselves into tryptophan coma, then awake to trample each other on Black Friday for cheap goods mere hours after being thankful for the things we already have. If you're looking for that special gift for the SJW's in your life this year, perhaps the fearless Trumpy Bear will do the trick.

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