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November 30, 2018

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   Remember that "migrant caravan" that Jim "look at me" Acosta said was "not an invasion," that was "hundreds of miles away" and "would not jump the border wall?" Well, they need to bring a huge 4K monitor into the WH Press Room and play this video. Have Sarah Sanders ask ASScosta if he feels that he owes the country and the President an apology, not just for his rude behavior, but for lecturing Trump on something about which the ClowNN "reporter" couldn't have been more wrong. Things are heating up considerably on our southern border, where the (ahem) "caravan" of Hispanic men (with a small sprinkling of women and children, densely surrounded by photographers) are aggressively - and illegally - trying to enter our country.
   Of course the Left is "horrified" that tear gas was deployed defensively against the violent, rock-throwing miscreants attacking our law enforcement officers. They're predictably (and eternally) in full meltdown mode, with "luminaries" like Alexandria Ocassional-Cortex likening the situation to the Holocaust because ...uh...because... Oh yeah! Because Trump! And the headlines from the same Presstitutes that ignored when Odumbo used tear gas over 80 times at the border strangely now scream that Trump is gassing children, as if he was personally marching weeping toddlers into cyanide shower stalls. The DemMedia propagandists got their marching orders to make the horde of violent invaders look like pathetic innocents. And now they've got a staged photo of a woman fleeing tear gas with two small children, which they're playing up to the hilt - as if any sane person would believe the story of a poor woman with toddlers apparently covering 2000 miles at bullet train speeds while in their bare feet, and with no food, water, or shelter is legit. Democracy dies in darkness, indeed!

   Or was that Democracy dies in Snarkness? First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the WH's stunning Christmas decorations she designed this week, and those guardians of Democracy over at the WaPo have gone full-on mean girl over them. How petty can you get? I've never seen anything as spectacular as the self-immolation of the Enemedia. It's as if they can't kill themselves fast enough.
   Well, the Midterms are finally over and the Democrat game of electoral Three-Card Monte is complete, having stolen the last close House race where a GOPer was leading via (ahem) recount, bringing their total to a 40 seat gain and handing the speaker's gavel back to Senile-osi. Thankfully, the MS Senate runoff this week was won by the Republican by a wide enough margin that "newly found boxes of provisional ballots" couldn't change the outcome, giving Cocaine Mitch a 53-47 advantage in the Senate. Here come the judge(s), here come the judge(s).
  Bill and Hillary Clinton's 13-city speaking tour opened in Toronto this week to a near-empty arena and a coughing fit. Looks like the public is finally tiring of these 2 grifters from Arkansas. Empty seats for empty suits.
   Speaking of washed up con-artists, here's one you need to see to believe. Barry Big Ears, sitting in a chair not quite large enough for his ego, took credit for America's oil boom, (which he did everything in his power to thwart), while simultaneously stroking himself for the Paris Climate Accord. Set phasers to "No effing way."
   Stormy (Horseface) Daniels has come forward to announce that her lying sleazeball lawyer Avenatti never got her permission to file the failed defamation law suit against Donald Trump - and stole all her money! So he beats women and commits litigious rape? This guy surely will be the Democrat's 2020 favorite. Although it is hard to believe there was anything she wouldn't consent to.
   Here's a flurry of the latest ProgTard lunacy, bringing new meaning to the word insane:
   Detroit's Oakland University is passing out hockey pucks to faculty and student government leaders to throw at active shooters should such an event break out. Because nothing stops a bad guy with a gun like a good guy with a tiny piece of sports equipment.
   An actual M.D. from Utah claims that an unborn baby needs to get permission to live in their mother's uterus. I'm confused. How can a mass of tissue ask for permission for anything? Only a rational, living person can do that. Kinda blows up the whole Planned Parenthood narrative, doesn't it?
   According to this defective Liberal brain, you also need to get consent from sex robots, otherwise it's rape! Gee, I wonder if I've been abusing my toaster all these years. I mean there I am every morning demanding - no forcing my toaster to burn all these innocent slices of bread as well as bagels and those English muffins! Oh my God, English Muffins! Now I'm a racist, too!
   Speaking of which, what isn't Raaaaacist! these days? Fresh from learning that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is racist for supposedly marginalizing the token black character, SJW's have problems with yet another holiday classic, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, for "bullying, racism and homophobia." And this moronic Sci-fi writer now claims J.R.R. Tolkiein's classic, The Lord of the Rings is now racist because - I kid you not - "it discriminates against Orcs!" #OrcLivesMatter #OrcLivesMatter!
   Finally, Sunday night Chanukah Channukah Hannukah Hanukkah (Whatever!) begins so I'd like to wish all my friends and family who celebrate it the warmest of holidays filled with lots of love and even more Latkes!

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