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December 28, 2018

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   As of this writing, the federal government has been shut down for 6 days now and the big question is, who cares? Did you even notice? Me neither. "Non-essential" government is shut down, and it doesn't affect most of us one bit. (Although it'd be a hoot if Occasional Cortex had to file for bankruptcy during the shutdown.) Maybe we should learn a lesson and fire these "nonessential" employees permanently.
   According to Rep. Jim Jordan, the wildly successful (almost $18M) We The People Will Fund The Wall GoFundMe campaign had a "tremendous influence" on last week's House vote. Not to be outdone, some Communist cow started her own, much less effective ($150K) campaign for Ladders To Get Over Trump's Wall. The battle then escalated with several competing GFM efforts, such as the hysterical Robots that knock over wall ladders. Genius!
   Since reports of Border Patrol catching more MS-13 animals invading our country don't seem to bother the loony Left, perhaps reports that their precious "migrants" are drowning in the Rio Grande will change their minds. After all, if it saves just one life to build the wall, it's worth it, right?

   Did you see where Schmucky and Nan hysterically issued identical tweets a few minutes apart blasting PDJT for "plunging the country into chaos?" They're not even trying to hide the fact that they both jump to the tune of the same puppet master. And they say it like "chaotic" is a bad thing, which it is - For Them! President Trump and Don Jr. should post identical tweets mocking them.
   In yet another pathetic effort to smear Trump, the NYT dug up the daughters of the podiatrist who diagnosed Trump's bone spurs that kept him from being drafted 50 years ago. According to them, their father made this diagnosis in exchange for favors from Trump's father. Of course both their father is dead, so there's no way to corroborate or refute these leftist activist charges, so naturally, the DEM-media ran with it. And (anti-)social media made hay over "President Bone Spurs" being a draft dodger who is therefore unfit for office. Somewhere in Chappaqua, Bill Clinton is smiling to himself about their selective outrage over selective service.
   The Enemedia also blasted Trump for not giving our troops a holiday visit, after which it was revealed that he and the First Lady were visiting troops in a war zone, so the media congratulated themselves for "shaming" him into it. It was subsequently revealed that the trip had been in the planning stage long before, at which point the MSM simply changed their stories to say that they'd been complaining about Trump not visiting the troops for months, so their claims of shaming him into decency are still applicable. At this point, ClownNN and MSLSD should join forces in a new network called STFU.
   David (Attention) Hogg, the anti-gun activist and mediocre former high school student with below-average test scores, might not be good enough for UC San Diego or UCLA, but apparently he's good enough for Harvard University. My, how the mighty have fallen. Harvard used to be seen as the place where students were the cream of the crop. It was the crown jewel of the Ivy Leagues. Now it's become the "fallback school" for students who can't get into UCLA.
   Christmas week in Libtard News: Socialist Barbie Alexandria Oqueso politicized Christmas by claiming the baby Jesus was an illegal alien refugee. As Derek Hunter put it, "Mary and Joseph weren't refugees, moron. They were on their way to pay their taxes, as mandated by Rome. You're now Rome, by the way." Progressive Grinches now want to ban wrapping paper because they say it's evil. Is there anything these people won't take the fun out of? Looks like New York is trying to out Lib Commiefornia with a toy gun buyback program because water pistols are now considered evil and dangerous. What's next? A mandatory waiting period for Nerf Gun purchases?

   As 2018 comes to a close, it's time to review the year's worst cases of media misquotes, misleading narratives, major corrections and straight-up fake news. And in case you've forgotten why they have less of an audience than Sponge Bob reruns on Nick at Nite, here's a quick video refresher of the year at CollapsedNN. And check out the worst of MSDNC in 2018. Seriously, how do these frauds even stand the sight of themselves in the mirror every morning?
   Happy New Year everyone. It may sound cliche, but I want to wish all my friends, family and all who are reading this a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

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