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January 04, 2019

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   The new year has begun and there's no better way to start off another spin around the sun than with recrapping...uh, recapping...the craziness of the one just ended. Accordingly, you'll want to check out the always hilarious (trust me on this) Year In Review Part One and YIR Part Two at Stilton's Place. Another can't miss is Dianny's Ten Most Tiresome People of the year. Here's hoping 2019 doesn't suck quite so hard as 2018, or at least gives us a reach-around.
   Speaking of which - be afraid, be very afraid - because yesterday Nancy Pelosi wrapped her claw-like talons around a ceremonial gavel (which she refers to as "my precious") and was reanimated as Speaker of the House. And while the bold "new" Dempocalypse agenda is predictably for massive government expansion, higher taxes, reparations for slavery and "free" everything for everybody, first up will be the three ring impeachment circus. Buckle up kids and get ready for the great democRAT screw America and everything she stands for tour.
   As the new year broke, over 100 of the "kind and gentle migrants" that the Demwits want to come into the US stormed the border attacking BP agents and were repelled with tear gas, smoke and pepper spray. And with Pelosi, Harris and Feinstein bemoaning the plight of illegals, not a peep was heard from the 3 witches about the brutal shooting death of their own constituent - Newman, CA PD Cpl. Ronil Singh - at the hands of a Mexican gang member illegally in the country and protected by the very sanctuary policies they champion. Of course not. To speak Cpl. Ronil Singh's name is to admit the blood on their own hands. And to concede they're playing political games with American lives to punish Trump by not allocating what amounts to 0.0338% percent of Federal spending to protect us from the invading hordes. These open borders a$$holes that live behind walls in gated communities need to have their walls torn down! Someone should organize a caravan of homeless migrants to go to Pelosi's estate. We could start a gofundme account to sponsor the event. I would donate $500.00 to the cause right now.
   Twice failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney emerged as the leader for the John McCain Quisling Award by writing a sanctimonious opinion piece in the WaPo attacking PJDT, before he was even sworn in as UT's freshman Senator. He just couldn't wait to unzip his fly and piss all over the man who managed to do the one thing Mitt couldn't do - get elected. Remember before 2016 when we thought this back-stabbing idiot was a classy guy with a future? Romney might have a high IQ, but he's a political moron. His attempt to become the Enemedia's new fav Republican now that Corker, Flake, Paul RINO & the rest are gone will fail spectacularly the first time he votes in support of a GOP position. As Kurt Schlichter tweeted, Mitt's attack on Trump is really an attack on us. Mitt chose the establishment that despised and humiliated him over the people who defended and voted for him. Six years is a long time, but we won't forget. He is a Dead Mormon Walking.
   America's lost its oldest man last week, Richard Overton, a WWII vet who fought on Guam, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Perhaps the coolest man ever, before his death, 112 year old Overton was frequently seen smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and brandishing a Thompson sub-machine gun. R.I.P. to a proud warrior and amazing man. We'll likely not see his ilk again any time soon.
   This week in Libtard News: Officials at Mizzou have determined that tall men asking out shorter women constitutes sexual misconduct - which doesn't bode well for the propagation of the species. So I guess asking a midget out will now be illegal, but we can still toss them, right? It's a close race for the Nutjob of the week award between this lunatic Lefty (but I repeat myself) vape shop employee going crazy over a MAGA hat-wearing customer and this dude who thinks he's a woman getting super upset that a store clerk referred to him as "Sir." Never go full Libtard. The CW is moving forward with a Batwoman series featuring a lesbian superhero. We're not sure what the title will be (Batdyke, maybe?), but I'm thinking the main villain should be called The Diddler. California Women's March organizers have cancelled an upcoming event, claiming the attendees would have been "overwhelmingly white." That's intersectional Feminism for you. Apparently you're not allowed to yell, "Hey, Ho, The Patriarchy has to go" unless you're a "women of color." The insanity runs deep with this with this herd. They should all eat a Snickers Bar...then make me a sammich.
   The race for 2020 began this week when Fauxcahontas announced she was officially on the Presidential warpath. When Trump was asked whether Princess Running Gag really believes she can win, the ever-subtle Donald responded, "you'd have to ask her psychiatrist," which he followed up with a knockout punch, tweeting her new campaign logo, Warren 1/2020th." Then, in a pathetic attempt to appear "relatable," Lie-awatha live-streamed a video of herself, in her kitchen, drinking a beer. You know, like the little people do. So a fake Indian squaw, drinks a fake beer, and we're supposed to think she's authentic. If she would have gotten drunk and stolen a horse, I might have bought it. Rumor is her campaign slogan will be: "Hopi and Change." Or is she from the Slapahoe tribe?

   Finally, here's a fun fact. A new poll has just been released showing that the majority of Americans don't believe polls are accurate! You just can't make this stuff up!.

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