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January 18, 2019

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   The week began with the "Shutdown Crisis" making history as the longest ever, to the dismay of practically no one except D.C. swamp rats. Not only does it expose how bloated and unnecessary much of the government is, but it opens up the possibility that Trump can say "you're Fired!" to many of the useless bureaucrats once they've been furloughed 30 days. The fun continued when the Duchess of Dementia spitefully revoked Trump's invitation to deliver the SOTU in the House chamber. She claimed it was over "security concerns," but the obvious truth is she's afraid Trump will win the shutdown battle if given an hour or so to make the case to the American people for securing the border, building a wall and stopping the unfettered flow of drugs, gangs, criminals and illegal aliens. In what has to be the mother of all B!tch slappings, Trump responded by cancelling her trip to Brussels just before takeoff, leaving a bus load of angry DemoRATS driving around in circles and dumping her luggage outside her office. Nan was schlonged by the master! And all the predictable well-I-nevering from the Dem-Media made it that much sweeter. Mess with the bull and you get the horns! Well played Sir!
   There surely must be stories in which the phrase "a federal district judge has ruled" actually leads to something good, or at least vaguely like justice, but this isn't one of them. An Obama-appointed judge ruled that the Trump administration may not add an outrageously offensive question to the 2020 Census asking, "are you a citizen?" Had the wildly unacceptable question been allowed, (which will be reviewed by the SCOTUS once Ruth Bader Ginsburg is again able to cling to her perch and gnaw her cuttlebone), it would have had terrible effects, according to the director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project (who is apparently unaware that illegals aren't supposed to be voting). Make no mistake. The entire Border/Illegal Immigration/Sanctuary issue is about Democrat Power & Money.

   Proctor & Gamble has officially joined Starbucks, Target & Dicks Sporting Goods on the growing list of companies to Get Woke & Go Broke. In an absolutely jaw-dropping advertising gaffe, Gillette razors has been running a spot in which they basically accuse all men (formerly their target market) of being ignorant, sexist, skirt-chasing thugs and bullies, guilty of "toxic masculinity." What real man would buy their products now? There has to be a line about shaved pu$$ies in there somewhere. Way to go P&G. How to destroy your company in 1 minute 48 seconds. Talk about Razor Burn! Having used Gilette products for many years, it's been nice knowing you.
   Un. Be. Lievable. Several sources at the White House are confirming that Trump did the unthinkable: he bought food for some college kids. Then, do you know what he did? Trigger warning: he fed them. That's right: fed them. FOOD. In their mouths. Pardon us while we scream at the sky in disgust!!! Say it with us: IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45!
   Noted Trump hater and overall POS John Kasich landed the coveted GOP traitor gig at ClownNN. It looks like fellow a-hole Jeff Flake-out will have to settle for the goto Republican basher spot at CBS. And fresh from his tanking of the Weekly Standard, dead-end Never Trumper Bill Kristol will bring his Orange Man Bad schtick to a far-left financed website which laughably promises to "conserve conservatism." Big week for the RINO herd.
   Finally, and we thought Dyslexia Ocrazio-Tardez was a gift! Noted bigot, anti-Semite & homophobic conspiracy theorist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar actually out-crazied her this week by accusing PJDT of blackmailing Lindsey Graham 2.0 lest Trump reveal that Graham is gay. And I thought Mad Max & Sheila Jackson Lee were nuts. This Freshman 'Rat crew makes those old bats look like geniuses. They really are the poster girls for why no sane American should ever vote Democrat again. Let's just hope they never shut up. Besides, I thought the left was all about the LBGTXYZ Thing! Guess Not! And what proof is there that Graham is gay? Did they find pictures of him with Bathhouse Barry?

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