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January 25, 2019

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   We seem to have reached yet another new low in American politics. Wed night PDJT agreed to hold off giving the SOTU next week in response to Nancy "and your little dog, too!" Pelosi's spiteful & unprecedented refusal to allow him the House Chamber in which to speak. PeLoser cited fictitious security concerns, but we all know she just couldn't risk the nation once again watching her America-hating DhimmocRAT cohort sit, squirm & boo as Trump highlighted yet another group of angel parents whose children were murdered by illegals. While the Enemedia is lauding SanFranNan's heroic resistance to Orange Man Bad, just imagine their outrage had the GOP pulled this crap on Obonzo. I fear that now that this vindictive genie is out of the bottle it will just keep ratcheting up from here. Rumors are Trump is upping the ante by threatening to cancel Puhlousy's Netflix subscription. According to sources, he had already cut off her Hulu account, but she could never figure out the interface anyway, so it had no effect.
   With more Americans being murdered by illegals every day and the cost of the shutdown exceeding that of the wall, President Trump made another compromise offer in an effort to end the border security impasse and reopen the government. It was was rejected before he even made it. Trump offered a 3-year extension of the Dreamer Act, plus protection for some illegals, in return for funding for his border wall. The Dems immediately countered with a proposal to key his car, crap in the Rose Garden and set one of his hotels on fire. Then they upbraided the president for being unreasonable. Negotiations continue.
   It was a banner week for the TDS-addled Dem-Media this week. It began with yet another in a long list of Trump/Russia "bombshells" that blew up in their faces. That noted bastion of journalistic integrity, BuzzFeed, claimed that Trump had directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress and like starved piranhas in a kiddie pool, the useful Mediots and the usual cast of moronic Democrat politicians went into a feeding frenzy. "If this report is true", they salivated, "then Trump will no doubt be impeached." Alas, for these paragons of impartiality, it was not to be. They went from BOMBSHELL to Frustrated in 24 hours when the phoney-baloney BuzzFeed story was debunked by none other than their great white hope, Robert Mueller, who called it "inaccurate." Of course the media blamed everybody but themselves for their gorging themselves on this crap sandwich, which leaves one to wonder. Is it Trump Derangement Syndrome that has turned these people into mindless cranks? Or, is it just their factory default?
   You'd think after being so badly burned by jumping to their desperately-longed-for conclusions, the douche nozzles on the left would pause for a split second before doing so again, but you'd be wrong. I'm sure you saw the story about the awful Catholic school boys in MAGA hats who "surrounded" a poor, innocent Native American Vietnam vet, shouting "Build the Wall." Oh, the hue and cry!!! "This is Trump's America!" "Let's dox those hateful MAGA-hat-wearing haters and shame the Catholic school they attend!!!" Some social media loudmouths called for a school shooter to massacre the students at Covington Catholic HS. An SNL writer offered to fellate anyone who punched the kid in the face. Except it was all Bull$h!t.
   The full, unedited video showed that while the kids, (who had just come from the March for Life), were waiting for their bus, they were being harassed by a bunch of Black Supremacist radicals, so they began singing school sports chants to drown out the vile insults being hurled at them. That's when Banging chief FridgeFixer (Nathan Phillips) who it turns out is a long time Left-wing activist and not a Vietnam vet, walked up to one of the kids and started taunting him while banging his drum within inches of his face. But 16 year-old Nick Sandmann kept his cool and withstood the abuse, standing still with a nervous smile on his face, saying nothing. When their bus finally came, they made a hasty exit. The end. No violence. No "racism." Nothing. And now the kids are receiving death threats from the "tolerant" left. Disgusting. Personally, I think Sandmann should shoot a video punching himself in the nose and send it to the SNL whore. Call her out. She may be a b!tch, but she's hot & she owes him.
   Pussy-hat wearing, anti-semitic femiNazi's of the Women's March descended upon D.C. again last weekend carrying consciousness-raising signs like "Welcome to the Bitchdom," "Tits Over Toupees," etc. Among other things, they called for free abortions for all, BDS, open borders & for President Trump's children to be caged. Because...Tolerance and sh!t!
   Perhaps the dumbest person ever elected to Congress, (and that's saying something!), Alopecia Pistachio-Kotex who just this week claimed America was a "Dystopia", proclaimed allowing billionaires to exist is immoral and said the world will end in 12 years due to climate change, was named to the House oversight committee. What could possibly go wrong?
   NYS has passed a law making it easier to abort babies right up to the moment of birth. Gov Cuomo celebrated the event by having the World Trade Center lit up pink in honor of women's rights and red in honor of the fires of Hell where he'll be burning for all eternity. Cuomo's announcement was greeted with cheers from feminists and hideous demonic homunculi - but I repeat myself. The nation's progressives announced they will resume lecturing you on morality after they're finished applauding the murder of the unborn.
   Jim (look-at-me) Acosta revealed that he's writing a book about his "frightening experience" covering the White House. Jim Acosta writing a book about how people were mean to Jim Acosta is the most Jim Acosta thing ever. I guess he wants to let everyone know how he was grabbed by his mangina..
   Finally, Twitter erupted this week when Fox & Friends accidentally posted a graphic showing: Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1933-2019. Politifact rated the news that RBG was dead as "Mostly False."

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