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Conservative Corner by James Soviero

Obama's America:
An Awful Few Weeks

(Sep 26, 2012)

Propagandists in much of the media (not mainstream anymore) want voters to believe Mitt Romney's campaign had a bad couple of weeks. How about reviewing President Obama's last 14 days as they specifically relate to our national security and foreign policy. After all, the Commander in Chief's actions, or inactions, are much more relevant to the lives of Americans both home and abroad, than anything a presidential candidate might say.

Here's Obama's "Recent Fortnight In Review".

  • Beginning September 11th , there are widespread violent riots and protests throughout the Middle East.
  • On the morning of this solemn anniversary of one of our nation's darkest days, the commander in chief's re-election team tweeted, "The election is in eight weeks. Sign up to volunteer."
  • Our Egyptian Embassy was over run, and badly damaged while American flags are burned.
  • Our Egyptian Embassy's "apology" for a virtually unknown "offensive" internet video trailer is disavowed by the White House.
  • It's learned U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, had been assassinated in an attack on the consulate in Benghazi. Three other Americans were murdered.
  • The president gave a brief statement, ignored a question about this being "an act of war", and flew out to campaign in Las Vegas. He held a fundraiser, left for Colorado, and didn't return to D.C. until the following day
  • President Obama declared "we would not consider Egypt an ally", sending his own State Department into spin/correction mode. Egypt is a "non-NATO" ally explained the department's spokes-spinner.
  • Questions arise concerning the Commander In Chief's skipping numerous Daily Security Briefings.
  • Friday, 9/14/2012, about a half hour before the four bodies from Libya are to be very publicly received by Mr. Obama and Secretary Clinton, the president's campaign tweeted the following fundraising plea, "Winter is coming but these sweatshirts are perfect for fall."
  • Mostly violent, Anti-American demonstrations exploded in over 20 countries.
  • The president's military strategy of working with Afghans was scrapped when joint on-the-ground operations were stopped because a surge of "insider attacks" caused a collapse of trust.
  • After over a week of the president and his key people refusing to call the Benghazi killings a terrorist attack, National Counterterrorism Center Director, Matthew Olsen testified, "Certainly on that particular question I would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy."
  • The next day spokesman Jay Carney agreed. Shortly after Hillary Clinton was on board. Our commander in chief, apparently "leading from behind" remained unsure .
  • We payed for a commercial run in Pakistan, starring President Obama and Hillary Clinton, that apologizes for the previously referenced video. The "hope" was this TV ad would sooth Muslim feelings. Shorty after, the Pakistani government declared a national holiday to honor the prophet. The day was filled with deadly anti-U.S. protests that left 17 dead.
  • Interviewing on "60 Minutes", the president refers to Mideast mayhem as a "bump in the road".
  • CNN reported Ambassador Steven's diary had entries expressing his concern over a local "rise in Islamic extremism" and a fear he's on an al-Qaida "hit list".
  • More questions arise about the lack of proper security for our most vulnerable embassies and personnel on 9/11.
  • Obama taped a segment for the View while blowing off 1on 1 meetings with world leaders.
  • Obama taped a segment for the View while blowing off "ally" Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • On the View, President Obama admitted the assassination of Chris Stevens "wasn't just a mob action."

Mitt Romney's political ups and downs had zero impact on the recent spate of chaotic international events. Meanwhile, Obama's America, under this president's woeful foreign policy stewardship, suffered an awful, even tragic, couple weeks. There were a lot of deadly "bumps in the road". But don't try telling that to the propagandists.

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