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For Immediate Release: May 19, 2011

Conservative Society for Action Condemns TEA Party Imposter in New York CD26

Deer Park, NY -- Special election candidate Jack Davis from New York's CD 26 is an imposter, running as a TEA Party candidate despite intense opposition from local TEA party organizations.

Davis has run for New York's 26th Congressional District seat three times as a Democrat and is now an enrolled Independent. He paid dozens of professional notaries to collect signatures so he could run on a "Tea Party" line on the ballot.

"Though it is perfectly legal to petition for a place on the ballot, it is unconscionable for a liberal Democrat to impersonate at Tea Party candidate in order to undermine the Republican-Conservative candidacy of Jane Corwin," said Stephen Flanagan, founder of the 5000-member Tea party group Conservative Society for Action.

"Davis has stooped pretty low. He is stealing the "Tea Party" name and using it to misrepresent himself to voters. This is a clear attempt to use the popularity of the Tea party movement to destroy a Republican-Conservative candidate."

Davis is nothing more than a Tea party imposter and he must be exposed.

The Conservative Society for Action calls on all respected Tea Party groups in New York State to repudiate Davis and expose his long record of liberal politics. Davis has plenty of personal money to bring to the campaign and he is expected to make a good showing because of the Tea Party line.

"Many people in New York support the Tea Party movement," Flanagan said. "It would be a shame if Davis gets away with this big lie and deception. Davis is nothing more that an imposter attempting to create bad press for the Tea party movement. I call upon the nation's independent press to expose this fraud."

The Conservative Society for Action also urges Tea Party members from around the state to contact their counterparts in CD 26 to make sure Davis is exposed for the fraud he is.

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