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For Immediate Release: February 2, 2011

Tea Party Groups Urge Nassau County Interim Finance Authority to Declare "Fiscal Emergency"

Following is and open letter from five Long Island based Tea Party organizations

We, as representatives of tea party groups in Nassau County, strongly condemn the usurpation of power by the unelected, hand-picked czars of NIFA, (Nassau County Interim Finance Authority), from the democratically elected County Executive of Nassau County. This abrogation of the people's constitutional right to accountable representation can only be seen as a shameless political ploy to discredit Ed Mangano and his administration.

The Tea Party Movement stands for a smaller, less intrusive government that lives within its fiscal means and does not throttle the American entrepreneurial spirit with overburdening regulations and taxation. As such, we supported Executive Mangano's first step of repealing the unfair energy tax imposed by the prior administration, which had placed yet another burden on the already struggling taxpayers of Nassau County.

We also supported his first efforts at cutting County expenditures.

Decades of entrenched patronage, cronyism, back room deals, one-sided public service union contracts and fiscal chicanery, however, have severely hampered efforts to reduce county spending to levels that can be maintained without crushing homeowners and driving away small businesses.

Obviously, more needs to be done.

Having used the letter of the law to seize power, as provided for by the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority Act, (although this draconian measure was not taken in the face of larger deficits and the steady draining of the county's financial reserves in the prior administration), NIFA is now solely responsible for the financial well being of this county.

We therefore demand that NIFA use their powers to address all Nassau County budgetary issues by declaring a fiscal emergency and putting everything; budgets, union contracts, pay raises, furloughs, layoffs, contributory health care, tax assessment reimbursements, patronage jobs, etc. on the table. There are certainly enough items in just that short list to close the budget shortfall this year and put the county on a sounder financial path in the future.

The one thing that NIFA must absolutely NOT do is to use its bonding power to issue additional debt in Nassau County's name. We, the taxpayers of Nassau County, have proven through our votes in the election of 2009 that we want the financial condition of Nassau County to be improved through less government, less spending, lower taxes and less debt. We absolutely object to any increase in debt to fund the ongoing overspending in county finance.

If NIFA is serious about addressing the fiscal crisis in Nassau County it is time for them to IMMEDIATELY DECLARE A FISCAL EMERGENCY so systemic overspending in the County budget can be addressed.

If NIFA is NOT serious about addressing the core issues, as we suspect, then it will continue to hold Nassau's finances in limbo, and to force our elected representatives to increase taxes on homeowners and business owners.

There is a phrase for that sort of behavior; "Taxation without Representation". It wasn't tolerated in the 1700's and it won't be today.

Nassau Tea Party
Rockville Centre Tea Party
Merrick Tea Party
Conservative Society for Action
Right Principles

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